World-renowned Kinjaz dance crew save their business by launching plant-based brand, KinjaBang Noodles

From Panic to Pivot – How the Kinjaz Dance Crew saved their business by switching from dancing to noodles during the pandemic.

LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — World-renowned dance crew, Kinjaz (NBCs World of Dance, MTVs America’s Best Dance Crew, choreographers for justin bieberBTS, SuperM and other K-Pop superstars) along with CPG powerhouse Jaback Group are proud to announce the distribution expansion of KinjaBang Noodles, their plant-based noodle meals at 7-Eleven, Giant Foods, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, Don Quixoteand Jewel-Osco.

The world famous Kinjaz dance team launches KinjaBang noodles with the Jaback group.

In early 2020, Covid-19 shut down the world and forced Kinjaz to shut down all dance studios, cancel all tours and cease business. Quickly pivoting, Kinjaz has partnered with Jaback Group, a leading business development conglomerate in the CPG space, to create KinjaBang Noodles, a convenient plant-based instant noodle meal. Leveraging a rabid Kinjaz social network of over 4 million, KinjaBang Noodles launched on Amazon in December 2020sold out within hours, and became a Amazons Choice”. Since its launch, KinjaBang Noodles has grown rapidly and is now poised to be sold in every state nationwide.

It was obvious for the Jaback group to partner with Kinjaz to develop KinjaBang noodles. We always enjoy working with top global influencers whose passion and quality expectations match ours,says Alex Cotraviwat, CEO and Founder of Jaback Group (developer of the KinjaBang Noodles brand).

Unlike most types of fried instant noodles on the market, KinjaBang noodles are air-dried using a proprietary 18-hour process to maintain freshness. The ingredients are simple and free of preservatives and the flour used in KinjaBang noodles is free of bleaching agents. The vegetable packet contains a mixture of dried cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and green onions. Each packet comes with simple cooking instructions and a handy tray, with all the items needed to create your own meal…all in less than 5 minutes!

About KinjaBang Noodles

Kinjabang Noodles is a convenient, 100% plant-based, air-dried, never-fried noodle kit currently available at various retailers across the United States.

About Kinjaz

Established in 2010, Kinjaz is the worldthe leading and most recognized dance brand. Composed of an international collective from some of the countries of the worlds best dancers and choreographers, KinjazThe mission is to innovate, entertain and positively impact the world through movement, media and mindset.

About Jaback Group

Jaback Group is a diversified holding company that owns and operates a growing portfolio of subsidiaries in consumer essentials, natural products and fashion.


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KinjaBang Noodles - Kin Style Pack of 6.

KinjaBang Noodles – Kin Style Pack of 6.



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