Why you must check out the Japanese dance group XTRAP



Almost everyone has seen a light show at a rave before, and it seems that interest in the flow arts is skyrocketing at a faster rate than ever; However, few stream artists make them major stars. Surprisingly, a fingering group debuted during the 2017 season of Asia’s Got Talent. XTRAP are a Japanese trio whose choreography showcases their incredibly precise mentoring skills, mixing dance with compelling visuals and videography.

Although their fame has truly increased after their appearance in competition, XTRAP has been active throughout Japan since 2014. The group continually holds workshops and individual members have appeared as judges for world dance competitions. Last February, Nari and Ryoga were judges for a dance competition organized by Dexterity Dance League in New York. The trio also post educational videos, teaching viewers how to perform some of their iconic moves. Their workshops teach some of their iconic choreography, giving fans the chance to dance like their favorite stars.


What really sets XTRAP apart is their fluidity between small-scale choreography and full-body dance. Combined with killer videos (like the above footage from the YAK movies) and unique collaborations, XTRAP’s videos are absolutely compelling.

You might fall even more in love with XTRAP after watching some of the commercials they shot for Japanese companies. Japanese television is well known for being a bit eccentric, and the commercials the trio have participated in certainly fit into this category. Our personal favorite is this ad for a nail product, apparently based on the Swan Lake ballet.


Whatever your interests, XTRAP’s skill level and ingenious choreography has something for just about everyone. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something to inspire your next flow session.

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