Whitworth dance team win first trophy in regional competition

DANCERS from Whitworth Community High School made up more than half of the eight-member team, Unorthodox, who won a trophy at a competition in Manchester.

Zach Clayton, 15, Chloe Walker, 13, Georgia Brown, 14, Lucy Lord, 13, and Josh Walker, 11, all represented the Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts at Bacup and competed in the underage category. 14 year old in the Iconic Streetdance Competition at Wright Robinson. Middle School.

Chloe said: “We went first and so it was very stressful because we had no idea what the other teams were like.”

Georgia said: “If you see all the other teams first, then you can think about how you’re going to be better, but when you’re the first to play, it seems so long between the dance and the awards show. .”

Lucy said: “I also competed as a freestyle soloist and made it to the rappel round but unfortunately I didn’t place and competed in the duo category for the first time and I finished fourth, which was great for our first competition.”

Zach, along with his father Ben Clayton, Whitworth’s chief IT technician, also competed in the parent-child dance competition.

He said: ‘The child has to do a dance move and the parent has to copy. I went through some basic moves and then I boxed and my dad copied.

“Then we could do bonus moves like a cartwheel or a flip and my dad said he could do a cartwheel so we both did one simultaneously and we won second prize on 35 parent and child entries.

“It’s good to learn how to dance as a skill and a hobby. It’s fun and I like dancing in competitions and being against other teams because I like the competitive element.

Georgia said she wouldn’t have as many friends as if she hadn’t danced.

They practice as a team at Dansworks for 90 minutes each week as well as individual lessons.

Chloe added: “Dancing is also good for mental health, so it supports your physical and mental health as well as being good for socialising.”

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