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The word ‘Optimus’ is a Latin word for top dancers based in Nyahururu ‘Optimourz Dance Crew’ seem to have coined the same definition for their outfit as they aim to showcase their choreography at the world’s most prestigious dance competition, the ‘World dance’ .

In a recent interview with Ghetto Radio News Team, the group claimed they were up for the challenge, attributing it to their good run at previous Dance Championships.

Competitions tumeenda mingi sana, namba moja hadi tatu huwa hatukosi, kuna pia ile competition ilikuwa pale Nyahururu Stadium and we were second among the finalists… We wish one day to perform at the most famous competition in the world ‘world of dance‘,” they said.

Formed in early 2018, most members of Optimourz Dance Crew reside in the town of Nyahururu. The 25-member gang is divided into two categories, seniors and juniors. The senior team consists of 8 members and the junior team of 17.

Some of the challenges they face include the lack of costumes and production equipment.

Currently sai tuko 25 but divided into two groups, seniors and juniors. Seniors we are 8 and 17 juniors we teach, challenges mingi tunaface sai ni lack of uniforms, system ya zoezi, quality ya video yetu iko chini juu ya lack of camera“, they said.

Appeals for approvals

The group further called on those involved in the arts to take them into account when drafting major contracts and endorsement deals as a way to strengthen the “brotherhood of dance”. They also put out a call for feature films in music videos, appealing to videographers and musicians to give them a shot.

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Ndio tufike far ni poa tukipata makampuni endorsements, offers za publicity pia tupate, tupate doo tujiendeleze, tumeiva ile zaidi ya noma wasanii na video director waturushie kazi tuue mara dhat dhat” they added.

Coming from middle school and high school, the members consider dance to be their “world” if streamlined well. As young minds, they look forward to transforming the world through dance and community work. They have offered a monthly visit to selected children’s homes where they distribute basic necessities such as food and clothing. It was successful with the support of supporters.

Their models are the Indian movement The Kings Dance Movement and the FBI dance group from Kenya.

As a man proclaims with his tongue, so shall it be granted to him, see you soon on the world stage.

By Steve Osaka

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