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Despite only the first episode of Great dance team aeration, WayVit is Ten already makes people laugh with his suggestions for dancers.


When the leaders WJSN‘s (also known as Cosmic Girls) Cheng Xiaoancient miss one member Feiand IN 1it is Santa Claus advised a dancer, Ten couldn’t resist asking a question he was “Curious about.

Using his personal fingers to reveal, Ten asked, “Why does it look like her manicure can be seen with every move of hers?

The request even made the dancer chuckle. The other contestants laughed with Ten, also imitating the actions.

The other leaders smiled as they watched Ten reveal how the dancer posed for each dance transfer with her fingers.

It was a distraction he couldn’t get rid of. Ten admitted, “I wanted to remember her dancing, but her manicure caught my eye every time.“Fei and Cheng Xiao provided testimony that was just as humorous as the question.

Cheng Xiao and Fei joked that showing off her manicure was part of the dancer’s plan to publicize her business.

Fei: It’s correct. She’s here today to promote her nail salon.

Cheng Xiao: Yes, it’s his jostling side.

Ten really values ​​even the most humorous fine print.

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