Watch a Senior Dance Troupe Get a Virtual Lesson from a Broadway Dance Captain!


Over the weekend, the eccentric senior dance troupe, the Pacemakers, received a special gift from one of Broadway’s best. Nathalie Caruncho, who served as a dance captain for On Your Feet on Broadway, gave a lesson in the choreography of the show’s title song.

“It was amazing and it brightened my whole day. I love sharing ON YOUR FEET and this Zoom was so full of energy, enthusiasm and joy,” Caruncho said. “It was special to see how much the Pacemakers support each other and an absolute pleasure to connect with them after dancing!”

Caruncho has been busy this year, teaching masterclasses, virtual yoga and opening his own studio. SANA Studio. “While parts of our industry have been on hiatus, SANA gives me a creative outlet, consistency and a place to bid. The most rewarding for me is being able to connect and share energy with people all over the world. “

While hitting the gym or an in-person dance class may not yet be a reality, it’s important to keep your body moving. “This pandemic will not last forever, although at times it can feel that way,” Natalie said. “Staying active (in whatever way that makes sense to you these days) is a great way to change your energy, get out in the fresh air, keep your body healthy, empty yourself. mind and pump out endorphins. Even if it’s 5-10 minutes, I think it can make a difference! “

Watch highlights from Natalie’s class with the Pacemakers below!

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