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WANT Dance Crew

Other WANT members supported Lee Chaeyeon, regardless of comments from other program participants. To further support this, WANT’s next dance performance could be their own way to strike back against enemies!

Recently, a new clip from next week’s episode of “Street Woman Fighter” reveals that the dance team WANT will be performing on the song “Turn Up The Music” and they are joined by three special guests, namely Yoojung of Weki Meki, Yves of LOONA and Lee Young Ji!

Yoojung, Yves and Lee Young Ji, as “female” artists themselves, are the perfect special guests to show their support for Lee Chaeyeon and the WANT dance team. After seeing this, netizens and viewers are absolutely delighted to see the trio perform alongside WANT!

Netizens are even more excited because Weki Meki’s Yoojung, LOONA’s Yves and Lee Young Ji are known dancers in the K-pop industry, which shows just how much the industry wants to support Chaeyeon!

It’s time for the idols to shine amid the scathing comments of fellow program participants!

In particular, the next episode of “Street Woman Fighter” will be broadcast on September 21!

Stay tuned for more updates and news on “Street Woman Fighter”!

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