Vision Dance troupe wins six national titles in Branson

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Jackie Creamer’s Vision Dance Company attended the Spotlight Dance Cup National Championships in Branson, Mo. last week, winning numerous honors.

“We are so proud of all of our students and we are so happy to be able to celebrate their hard work and well-deserved achievements this week,” the company said in a press release. “We’re excited to start a new season and keep pushing for bigger and better things. OUCH!!”

• 21 dances placed in the top 10 in many different categories.

• 10 dances were presented in the national finals in several categories. Vision walked away with six national championship titles.

• Jackie Creamer’s Vision Dance Studio received the Sweepstakes Award for earning the highest percentage of diamonds out of the other 20 dance studios that entered Branson.

• 15 dances received the category cup for being the highest rated dance in the age group and dance style.

• Seven dances received Judges’ Choice awards describing what sets them apart from the rest.

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Finalist and their placements:

Aye Caramba – Petite Trio (Landry Callahan, Kendall Brungardt, Tessa Washburn) National Champion

Confess To Me – Teen Solo (Adelyn Wagner) finalist placing 3rd

Until We Come Down – Teen Trio (Jaci Schmidt, Sienna Lummus, Nevaeh Weigel) runner up placing 3rd

Can You Do This – Petit Small Group (Cailynn Luck, Haley McGuire, Jaden Brull, Jessica Wright, Kendall Brungardt, Landry Callahan, Peyton Neuberger, Sabrie VanKooten, Tessa Washburn) finalist placing 2nd

Rescue – Teen Small Group (Addison Mader, Ashtyn Barrera, Jaelyn Keener, Jenny Molstad, Kate Hansen, Paxton Ostmeyer, Taryn Beiker) National Champion

Kind of a little big band (Alexa Seib, Allie Gier, Anaya Creamer, Annistyn Edwards, Arianna Weigel, Aspen Wolf, Cailynn Luck, Haley McGuire, Jaden Brull, Jessica Wright, Kendall Brungardt, Kenley Callahan, Landry Callahan, Peyton Neuberger, Sabrie VanKooten, Tessa Washburn, Zoie Ruiz) National Champion

Quiet Uptown – Teen Large Group (Adelyn Wagner, Ava Ruiz, Delia Dixon, Jaci Schmidt, Lillian McGaughey, Makayla Koerner, Molly Buckles, Mykayla Romme, Nevaeh Weigel, Ruby Fields, Samantha Zimmerman, Sienna Lummus) National Champion

Look Good, Feel Great – Junior Small Group (Alexa Seib, Kenley Callahan, Arianna Weigel, Anaya Creamer, Allie Gier, Ruby Fields, Adelyn Wagner, Sienna Lummus, Jaci Schmidt) National Champion

All Humans – Senior Big Group (Adelyn Wagner, Lauren Wagner, Aliya Seib, Ella Voth, Emma Basgall, Kassidi Yost, Shyanne Yost, Mykayla Romme, Molly Buckles, Samantha Zimmerman, Makayla Koerner, Nevaeh Weigel, Ruby Fields) National Champion

Because of You – Senior Duo Finalist (Adelyn Wagner, Lauren Wagner) placing 5th

Courtesy picture
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