Unity Dance Troupe will present the adaptation of “Scrooge” — Lee Clarion

Unity Dance Troupe has presented “Scrooge” based on Charles Dickens’ novel “A Christmas Carol” every year for three years, but has tweaked the show this year, creating a unique experience for attendees. Unity adapted “Scrooge” into a Broadway-style production with original musical compositions, live instrumentals, dance and acting.

Sydney Gobble, a junior instrumental music education student, loved seeing the show come together throughout her years at Unity.

“This is our third year doing ‘Scrooge’, and the show has definitely evolved over the years, but the community within the company has grown stronger and we all want to do our best for each other. We come to rehearsals prepared to do dances or scenes that we haven’t done in weeks, and it feels so fresh in everyone’s mind,” Gobble said.

Senior Music Major Darian Barrett plays Bob Cratchit in the performance. Barrett held this position for three years while attending Unity. He joined the team in early 2018 and recently started working for the centre.

“I think the hardest part was tapping into the emotions,” Barrett said. “I lost a grandmother, but I never lost a child. So having to feel that emotion and show it accurately without ever having experienced it was very difficult.

Barrett said Unity adapted the piece to represent a more biblical meaning. The three ghosts visiting Scrooge are presented as the Holy Trinity. Barrett and her fellow cast members were amazed at the various biblical themes presented throughout the show.

“Christmas Past, performed by touring artist Unity Kara Sutherland, embodies the beauty and strength of ballet and classical pointe. Christmas Present, played by professional actor and guest artist on the Unity tour Kyle Gazak, opens Scrooge’s eyes to the goodness available to him through the joy and wonder of Christmas. Christmas Future, played by Unity’s lead touring artist Alexis Ziarkowski Burleson, forces Scrooge to face his trajectory to find healing from a life filled with bitterness,” Unity announced via press release.

Unity’s chief financial officer, Katherine Zaffee, said Unity is always pushing to incorporate deeper themes into their productions. Zaffee has worked with Unity for several years as a performer and musician and will perform as a violinist during the production of Scrooge.

“All Unity productions strive to contain a deeper message or meaning,” Zaffee said. “Our desire is that people come, not just to get excited about Christmas, but just to be encouraged that no matter where they are in life – whether everything is great and happy, or whether they honestly feel a little like Scrooge and a bit of a joke – that there’s always hope, and there’s always a way back to truth and wholeness.

Tickets will be available online at www.unitydancetroupe.com/tickets. The performances will take place on December 9, 8 and 12. Thursday to Saturday sessions are at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 3:00 p.m. All performances will be held at Westmore Church of God.

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