Ukrainian dance group takes action to raise funds and cultural awareness

A Ukrainian dance group from Windsor, Ontario. is working on fanciful measures to raise funds to help the people of Ukraine. But it’s not just about raising funds, it’s also about raising awareness of Ukrainian culture.

“I think what we’re doing is kind of showing that we’re still here, that we’re not going anywhere, and that the strength of the Ukrainian community is not only concentrated in Ukraine but all over the world. “, Nadia Stephaniuk told Radio-Canada.

She is one of the organizers of the Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. He is rehearsing for a show that will take place with live music and a benefit dinner at the Ciociaro Club on May 26.

For Stephaniuk, who has been doing Ukrainian dance for more than 20 years, putting dance to help people stuck in the middle of a war gives it new meaning.

“After all, it really puts the power of culture and dance into perspective and it’s really impactful to still be able to do that today,” Stephaniuk said.

Michael Jaworiwsky, another organizer of the dance, said it was important to showcase culture during the event and dispel some misconceptions about Ukraine.

“I like that a lot of people didn’t know Ukraine was a country until this happened. Everyone thought, ‘Oh so you’re Russian.’ No, we are not Russians, we are Ukrainians,” he said.

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