Toddler recreates dance video from Norway Dance Crew Quick Style, the internet is all hearts

The toddler copies the dance moves of the Norwegian dance team Quick Style.

Norway-based all-male dance group Quick Style became a viral internet sensation after dropping hit performances of top Bollywood songs like “Sadi Galli” from the movie “Tanu Weds Manu” and “Kala Chashma from “Baar Baar”. Dekho’. The group filed these videos which appear to have been shot at a wedding. Now recreating their dance moves, a video of a toddler has gone viral on the internet.

The video was shared by netizen Asma Khawar Khawaja on Instagram. The caption of the video reads, “Me and me, QuickAdam. Quick Styles’ biggest fan shows up in a tiny 2-year-old body. He plays the Quickstyles video over and over and knows every step by heart. A scream of the OG @thequickstyle would make his absolute day, please tag them so they can see my nephew Adam kill him.”

In the video, the two-year-old boy can be seen dancing in front of a television, copying the steps of the all-male dance group. What is more interesting is that the child knows all the steps as seen in the video in the background.

Since being shared two weeks ago, the video has garnered almost 9.1 lakh views and 87,000 likes after being shared online. The internet is impressed with the way the boy dances in the video.

Many users have commented on the reel. One user wrote, “He’s going to be a good dancer… In fact, he is.”

Another commented, “hahahah Amazing! The kid religiously followed all the steps. Loved it.”

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“Awwwwwwww how cute he is,” another person added.

“Hahahahaha this is truly an award winning performance of supercharged cuteness MashaAllah MashaAllah,” one user said.

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