Thembisa dance team honored with an award

Local pantsula dancers, known as the Red Devils, received the award for best professional dancer/dance ensemble at the Zinkomo Africa ceremony held on October 15 in Zambia.

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The Zikomo Africa Awards recognize individuals and organizations that make positive contributions and achieve success in various fields, such as art and entrepreneurship.

The leader of the group, Solly Phahlamohlaka, said that their main goal in creating a dance team in ekasi was to help their friends find passion, live off their talent and avoid bad streets.

According to Phahlamohlaka, their efforts are beginning to bear fruit as their abilities are recognized outside the country.

“As local boys who just make a living using our talents and doing what we love. No words could truly describe what it felt like to attend the awards show.

“When our name was called, we stood on the platform, realizing that our efforts were finally paying off.

“One of the reasons we believe we won this award is the passion, sacrifice and discipline we have shown throughout our work.

“Receiving an award gave us more benefits than just winning.

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“Besides making us feel good, it has also encouraged us to keep showcasing our talents. The award will bring credibility and open doors to new opportunities.

“We hope to impress potential customers and increase our bookings, as the awards demonstrate that we take pride in what we do and that we do it well.”

The dance team thanked the community that supported them.

“We would like to show our appreciation to everyone who believed in us. It means a lot,” Phahlamohlaka said.

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