The Zikr dance ensemble returns with Lifting the Veil



The Zikr Dance Ensemble is once again on guard.

Littleton’s Transcendent Dance Company, which explores spirituality by fusing ancient and contemporary dance practices from around the world, kicked off its 2021 season with Uncover, which debuted with a preview on April 7. The show will officially premiere on April 10 at Littleton’s Dance Ballet Theater Academy and will be broadcast live from Boulder’s Dairy Arts Center on April 12 and the Lakewood Cultural Center on April 17-18.

Going through 2020 was not easy for the troops.

“Like so many other nonprofit performing arts organizations, Zikr had to cancel last year’s season due to the pandemic,” said founder and artistic director David Taylor. But with help from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, funded by the $ 10 tax that supports nonprofit cultural organizations in the metro area, Zikr has managed to stay afloat.

Since COVID-19 vaccines rolled out and the state eased restrictions, says Taylor, launching Uncover was obvious.

“Motivation has never been an issue with the business,” says Taylor. “We decided last fall that, whatever happens, we will move forward with our plans for the 2021 season.”

The dancers rehearsed for Uncover for about five weeks and had to follow COVID-19 protocols, including getting tested twice a week and wearing masks all day. The company sanitized the ballet bars on a daily basis and did not allow dancers to leave the studio until their rehearsals were over.

Like all of Zikr’s work, Uncover is rooted in global mythologies and spiritual practices. All of the dances in the program focus on the hidden forces that direct and assist humanity. “These are the spiritual forces,” says Taylor. “The great masters and other spiritual initiates who work behind the scenes to help humanity in its spiritual development. There are many places in existence, the physical being one. Our incarnation in the physical plane is a choice of the soul, in order to learn certain lessons and to grow and progress in consciousness.

“There are spiritual entities who are always with us,” he adds. “On a larger and more cosmic scale, masters and initiates help direct and oversee the initiation stages of our own planet in accordance with God’s will.

Click to enlarge Zikr <a class=Dance Ensemble dancers in action. – PIERRE STRAND” width=”745″ height=”1043″/>

Zikr Dance Ensemble dancers in action.

Pierre Strand

One performance, “Walking Prayer,” includes short, complex arm movements and training changes developed by spiritual teacher and philosopher GI Gurdjieff. “Parallel & Elevated,” on the other hand, deals with two beings who maintain a close connection through time – one on the physical plane, the other on the spiritual plane. Other performances include “Oracle”, “Time’s Up”, Guides “,” Runes “and” Lifting the Veil “.

“Travis [Powell] will develop a digital animated visual effects series that will complement and be interspersed with slide shows that have been carefully selected for the new work, ”said Taylor. “Jeff Rusnak has created incredible headdresses for Uncover, as well as what can only be described as rotating and tilting slabs, on which five dancers stand at the beginning and end of a work called “Oracle”.

Whether the audience sees the show virtually or in person, Taylor hopes he will imbibe the many forms of spiritual oneness found in humanity.

Taylor wants people to revel in this: “the beauty, wonder and awe of beautiful dancers, music, images and lights as well as the recognition of the spiritual unity of humanity through expressions dance in many forms “.

For tickets and more information on Zikr Dance Ensemble, visit the company’s website.


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