The Norwegian dance troupe dances to “Kala Chashma” again, this time on the streets of London

From pop star Demi Lovato and popular TV host Jimmy Fallon to players of the Indian cricket team, many celebrities have danced to the world trending song ‘Kala Chashma’ and netizens can’t stop loving the hit. As the song from the 2016 Hindi film Baar Baar Dekho took over the internet, a group of dancers from Norway, who had made waves when they danced to the song at a wedding earlier this year resumed their act – this time at Piccadilly Circus Street in London.

A video of the performance, which has been circulating the internet, shows the group killing off the Bollywood song’s hook. As they dance to ‘Kala Chashma’, delighted onlookers are seen snapping videos and photos, some even shaking a leg.

In another video shared to Facebook by the Quick Style group on September 4, one of the group members is seen thanking social media users for their love. Moved by the performance of the team, we even see people in the street asking for autographs.

“Every day a new video. The world is having fun with Indian music,” reads the caption of the clip shared by Twitter Aviator user Anil Chopra. Praise poured in the comments section for Quick’s street performance. Style with one user saying, “Maybe this song made a big mark especially because of TheQuickStyle’s moves!” Another user wrote, “interesting and awesome, that could energize many people across the world”.

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