The dance team turns off the lights and turns on the LED suits to create a breathtaking live light show

When technology meets talent and creativity, amazing things can happen. That’s exactly what Ukrainian dance group Light Balance did when they decided to mix up their dance routines with LED light-up suits. Watch their amazing LED dance routines in the video below.

Who are Light Balance?

Light Balance is a Ukrainian LED dance troupe that formed in 2012. They are based in Dnipro, Ukraine where they had the brilliant idea of ​​choreographing an LED light show into their dance routines. The group took part in the 8th season of Britains Got Talent, qualifying for the semi-finals and finishing in 4th place. The eventual winners of season 8 were Collabro, an opera group.

The lightweight balance is best known for his appearances on television competition shows. They participated in the 12th season of AGT (America’s Got Talent) where they made it to the finals and finished in 3rd place. Their audition for AGT, which you can see in the video above, prompted Tyra Banks to press the “Golden Buzzer” which automatically placed the group on the competition’s live broadcasts.

Light Balance Kids

After their appearances in high-level competitions, the group used their success to help a group of children in Ukraine achieve similar results. Using the same technology and advice as the group Light Balance, “Light Balance Kids” appeared on AGT. Watch the kid’s incredible performance below.

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Light Balance Career Progression

Since their performances in competition shows, the group has landed high-profile appearances, such as on Broadway as part of a famous show called “The Illusionists”, they have also worked alongside well-known names in the industry. such as Jessie J and The Jacksons as part of the Art On Ice Show throughout Switzerland.

The group has also landed huge corporate performances for global brands such as Volkswagen, Nike, Siemens, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and more.

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