The Broad Stage presents Mark Morris Dance Group & Music Ensemble in MOZART DANCES

The Broad Stage presents the stage debut of Marc Morris Dance Group (MMDG) with the MMDG Music Ensemble in Mozart Dances, June 9-12. Mozart Dances has been hailed as music incarnate, featuring three exquisite piano works by Mozart set to Morris’ dynamic and uplifting choreography. The program includes a world premiere chamber arrangement of Piano Concerto No. 27 by MMDG Music Director Colin Fowler, as well as Piano Concerto No. 11 and Sonata for Two Pianos, all performed live on stage Main of The Broad Stage.

Choreographer Marc Morris has been called the “Mozart of modern dance” for its common characteristics with the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Marc MorrisProlific dance creation, devotion to music and early expression of his talent distinguished him as a choreographer and director of modern dance, ballet and opera.

In honor of the European composer to whom he is assimilated, Marc Morris was commissioned by the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts to create a dance for Mozart’s 250th birthday celebration. The result was the much-loved Mozart Dances, which his company, Marc Morris Dance Group, established in 2006. Three piano compositions inspired these dances and are performed live as its company of dancers perform what critics and fans have called “musical visualizations”. Marc Morris is so skilled in music that he often creates his dances by reading sheet music and responding to the notes with his own invention of movement.

Vital for Marc Morristhe creative process of are his collaborators, who for this work include set designer Howard Hodgkin; costume designer Martin Pakledinaz; and lighting design James F. Ingallswho are all recognized artists in their field and partners in the production Marc Morris‘ vision for each dance work.

Marc Morris said of Mozart’s dances, “I began to hear the concertos as characters…there is an incredible and touching relationship between the piano and the orchestra. The music for me is exciting, strange in its unusual combination, and that’s exactly what this dance comes from where.”

Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn said on “In the three works that make up Mozart’s Dances, Morris engages in a beautiful conversation with the music. It illuminates the themes and instrumental vocals but is never confined by the structure of the music. Mozart’s music is filled with intelligence, wit and even passion, but it’s always held back by an overlay of civility and Morris found an effective way to convey all of this in his Mozart Dances. Marc Morris distinguishes himself as a choreographer by his remarkable use of music. He has many different ways to express what he hears and it all adds up to the joy.”

Alastair Macaulay said in the New York Times, “Throughout Mozart’s dances, Marc Morris emerges as the most artistically alive musical choreographer. »

Judith Mackrell said in The Guardian: “Seeing Mozart through Morris’ eyes is even better…what makes this evening…is the very human voice that Morris finds in the beauty of the music All the audience has to do is be wowed by the experience.”

The Times UK proclaims: “If you could capture the essence of childhood play – boundless energy; unconscious immersion in simulation; relentless inventiveness; the pure pleasure of creativity… you would have the Marc Morris Dance group in the dances of Mozart.”

The Australian adds: “Mozart Dances reveals Marc Morris as the great magician of contemporary dance and its optimist par excellence. In this seemingly carefree work, he offers principles of profound beauty, not didactically but with simplicity and grace.”

Founded in New York in 1980 by artistic director and choreographer Marc Morristhe Marc Morris Dance Group (MMDG) has been called “the preeminent modern dance organization of our time” (Yo-Yo Ma), with its members receiving “highest praise for their technical poise, musicality and sheer human authenticity”. (Bloomberg News). Live music and community involvement are essential elements of the dance group, which has been touring with its own musicians, the MMDG Music Ensemble, since 1996. Marc Morris The dance center was opened in 2001 to provide a home for the dance group, subsidized rental space for local artists, programs for local children and seniors, and dance lessons for students of all ages and abilities.

The music ensemble MMDG, formed in 1996, is an integral part of the dance group. “With the dancers come the musicians…and what a difference that makes” (Classical Voice of North Carolina). The Ensemble’s repertoire includes works from the 17th and 18th centuries by John Wilson and Henry Purcell to more recent scores by Ethan Iverson, Lou Harrison and Henry Cowell. The musicians also participate in the dance group’s educational and community programming at home and on tour. The Music Ensemble is directed by Colin Fowler, who began collaborating with MMDG in 2005 when they premiered Les Danses de Mozart.

Tickets starting at $60 are available at or by calling 310.434.3200, or visiting the box office at 1310 11thSt. Santa Monica CA 90401, beginning two hours before the performance.

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