The Bristol Press – Nova Dance Crew seeks to share their love of K-Pop

The Bristol-based Nova Dance Crew, a dedicated K-Pop dance group from central Connecticut, seeks to share their love of the musical genre by spreading their presence both digitally and in person with local performances.

Bringing their talent to Central Park in New Britain on Saturday, Nova founder Briana Scott said the band had grown to more than 10 members. The group covered the song “Illusion” by Aespa. The members noted that they would often rotate the featured dancers in their online videos.

“We come from all over the state and we go everywhere,” she said. “We mainly do Korean pop dance and it’s definitely different. Our main goal is to spread the culture and it is not a common thing here.

Consisting of rap, jazz, rhythm and blues, electronic dance, disco, traditional Korean music and more, the term K-pop was popularized in the 1990s. The genre originated in South Korea.

“We all have very different skill levels too,” Scott said. “Some have years and some have no experience. We want to be able to give everyone, if they want, a chance to do something they love.

The dance team has dubbed itself Nova for the past three years, but was also previously called Vitality and served as an experiment to see what kind of audience Scott could attract in a dance group.

“There’s an event called KCON and that’s where everything is from booths to performers to performers and a lot of dance crews from all over the country are known to go there,” the dancer continued. “They film their dance covers.”

Scott said she posted on social media to see who else might be interested in KCON and felt she was well received.

“I wanted to take that home,” she said. “We only established good ground in July 2019.”

The team founder said Nova started giving lessons over a year ago and often meet at Get Up N Dance in Bristol.

“The best part for me is being able to connect all kinds of people from all over the state, and even some from out of state,” Scott said.

Starting to appear in more events, the dancer said the team recently performed at the Norwalk International Cultural Exchange.

Fellow performer Celeste Rodriguez has been dancing with Nova since January 2021.

“My favorite thing is our co-op work because it’s not really like you walk in and there’s a teacher saying we’re going to do this. We think together and we learn together. We decide what we want to do and how we want to promote things together,” she said.

Rodriguez shared that the group will often do “covers” of songs and occasionally work together to create new choreography.

“I’ve always been a dancer and I’ve always done different types of dance, but the one thing about K-Pop when I first got into it was how open everything was. and accepted,” she said. “You could find whatever you wanted in that genre. If you want a more hip-hop or cuter or more jazz-based or even more contemporary dance, you can find it in K-Pop.

Rodriguez said K-Pop is about reaching others — not just through — but beyond music.

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