The Art of Movement: The Pilobolus Dance Ensemble Brings “Come to Your Senses” to Popejoy



The Pilobolus ensemble will bring its “Come to Your Senses! visit to Popejoy Hall on Saturday March 7th. (Courtesy of Pilobolus)

The live theater is where Matt Kent feels most at home.

His dancing career has been crowned with success and today he uses his experience as a tool to help Pilobolus progress as co-artistic director.

The business began in 1971 at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He has since created and toured over 120 repertoire pieces in over 65 countries.

Pilobolus brings its “Come to your senses!” »Visit to Popejoy Hall on Saturday March 7th.

Kent says the mission of the Pilobolus is to create, perform and preserve dances.

The company also broadens and diversifies audiences through projects of all types and sizes.

In “Come to Your Senses! Kent says, the pieces are a reflection of the connection to each other and to the world around us.

The evening opens with a song entitled “Eye Opening”.

“It’s a wacky play that describes the evolution of the human eye,” says Kent. “We do this by inviting an audience member whom we meet on the night of the show. We ask someone to play the role of the teacher through this quick explanation of the eyeball. There is a camera operated by one of the members, and the video is projected onto a screen.

Kent says the show then enters the shadow world.

“We end up building a functional model of the eye, and there’s some crazy, eclectic music from The Shins,” he says.

The first piece in the repertoire is called “No Men” and is dedicated to Jim Blake, a colleague from Kent.

“It’s the story of four men and their relationship,” he says. “There is an unusual lyrical element, but it is ethereal.”

As the night progresses, Pilobolus presents “Warped and West”.

“This is the first all-female trio created by Pilobolus,” he says. “It’s the exploration of these women as individuals, but also as a collective. Sometimes these relationships are harmonious. Each woman finds her identity through movement.

The score for this piece was written by Thao Nguyen in 2018.

“The business was made up of more men,” he says. “This play put women in the foreground. In this case, the art directors looked at the ratio of works by genre. We decided to reverse this ratio and create pieces with creative women, musicians and dancers. “


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