The AGT dance team had a fiery performance before getting the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell



A dance team from the Bronx managed to gain the admiration of Simon Cowell and was the last number of “America’s Got Talent” to get a golden buzzer.

Another group managed to get the coveted golden buzzer, and this time it’s the Bronx dance team, the WAFFLE. The band gave a fantastic performance, even gaining the endorsement of Simon Cowell.

The group is made up of street performers and subway dancers, performing frequently in train cars to hone their skills so they can perform on “America’s Got Talent”.

The dancers explained growing up in dangerous neighborhoods with dancer Tyree Sowell saying some people had died before their 25th birthday.

A member of the group was killed in a drive-by shooting, something that hit the dance team hard. Speaking of the incident, Sowell noted,

“I wish I could say goodbye, at least. It hurt to see someone so young die. But you use it to wake up every morning because he can’t. So you have to do what he wishes he could do. “

While the group was originally created as a way to keep members off the streets, it soon became a way for group members to help their families financially.

Sowell revealed that thanks to their performances on the subway, they went from earning a few dollars to helping their mothers pay the bills.

His interest peaked when WAFFLE Crew took office.

The group was a welcome change after the fourth day of hearings brought about actions the judges deemed lackluster. Simon even commented on the disappointing consecutive acts.

However, his interest peaked when WAFFLE Crew arrived with the traditionally stern judge awarding the group the Golden Buzzer. He noted,

“I wouldn’t say dance numbers are my favorite category, as I’ve seen a lot of rehearsals over the years, but I liked something about your energy from the second you got there – and your determination.”

: Another talented artist to get a golden buzzer is singer Christina Rae who gave a sensational performance of “In the Air Tonight” by Phill Collins.

Rae was even asked to perform a Cowell encore and delivered The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”, earning her a standing ovation.

The singer, who will walk past the Judge’s Cups, also brought her son with her to the audition, revealing that she was once homeless just before giving birth to him.

The single mother told the judges the talent show was an opportunity for her to improve not only her life, but that of her son as well.


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