Penn State Altoona offers live and virtual performance of the Ivyside Dance Ensemble


ALTOONA, PA – The Ivyside Dance Ensemble at Penn State Altoona will offer their Spring 2021 performance live via Zoom at 7:30 p.m. on March 25.

Registration is available online.

This performance includes new works and repertoire and features pieces from dance faculty KT Huckabee, Bethany Miller and Caitlin Osborne. Another piece is in collaboration with the University Jazz Ensemble of Penn State Altoona, conducted by Josh Hillard.

Huckabee, integrative arts teacher and coordinator of the integrative arts major and dance minor, presents three pieces on stage.

“Deep Down, I Wish it Would Rain”, a repertoire piece, reimagines a duet solo using space upside down.

“Forced into this experience due to pandemic restrictions, it has helped us, dancers and choreographers, step out of our comfort zone,” Huckabee said.

Two new Huckabee pieces will also be premiered. “Anonymous” explores the surreal dream environment of COVID-19, where many people find themselves navigating what can be described as “an alternate universe”. A new piece of jazz transports audiences to the funk era and variety shows of the 1970s.

Miller, a part-time dance teacher, licensed professional counselor, and licensed dance movement therapist, reworked the “inTangible” solo. This piece is an “uplifting, eventful exploration of the memories we must hold onto and a reminder that those we have lost are always with us wherever we go,” Miller said.

“Remember the Future” is a cover of a dance originally created by Osborne for film and was seen in the Ivyside Dance Ensemble’s fall performance, “Stories of Hope”. According to Osborne, a part-time dance teacher, “One of the joys the pandemic has taken away from us is our ability to anticipate things. In this way, I understood that one can miss not only the past but also the future. This dance, built on classical ballet with a touch of modern aesthetics, is my reflection on the question: “Is it possible to have nostalgia for things that have not yet happened?”

For more information, contact the box office, open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Thursday, at 814-949-5452.


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