Open Call Announced to Participate in GNO Learning & Participation Cross-Cultural Dance Group

The GNO Learning & Participation Intercultural Dance Group invites dancers of all ethnicities with extensive experience in different types of dance (such as hip hop, break dance, Latin, Indian, traditional dances from different parts of the world , contemporary dance, etc.) to register their participation in order to become its new members.

This season, the Intercultural Dance Group continues its methodology and research on movement by bringing together traditional and contemporary techniques while highlighting the particularities of the aesthetics of different dance traditions. The main objectives are to strengthen the already existing group and to give it the possibility of integrating new tools and methods in its functioning on the one hand, and to welcome new members from other fields of dance and to integrate new influences in the pool of our research. process on the other hand.

Applications for participation in intercultural dance will be accepted exclusively through the form that you will find here until 21/10/2022.

For a limited number of participants.

Confirmation date until: 28/10/2022

Planning/Direction: Polina Kremasta (choreographer)

Assistant to the choreographer: Thenia Antoniadou

Starts: October 31, 2022

Duration: From 31/10/2022 to 29/05/2023

Day & Time: every Monday, 6.00 – 9.00 p.m.

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