Nrityagram Dance Ensemble Post-Performance Questions and Answers

After the show, join members of the Nritygram Dance Ensemble for an open Q&A.

In a fascinating cultural dialogue through movement and music, renowned dance company Nrityagram Dance Ensemble collaborates with Chitrasena Dance Company in a thrilling performance of classical Odissi dance from India and traditional Kandyan dance from Sri Lanka. Āhuti explores the differences and similarities that bring the two companies together in rhythm, lyrical interludes, physical expression, vibrant colors and live music. The work engages in a conversation between the distinct dance traditions and movement vocabularies of each country, in the second cross-cultural collaboration between these two acclaimed companies.

Built on the bond forged between Odissi and Kandyan dance through a long association with the Chitrasena Dance Company, Āhuti is a one-night work that pushes the boundaries of this creative dialogue. Renowned for adapting traditional movements to create a dynamic yet harmonious interaction, Nrityagram joins the dancers and musicians of Chitrasena.

Interpreted from 200 BC. As a sacred ritual dedicated to the gods, Odissi speaks of love and union, between the human and the divine, transporting viewers to enchanting worlds of magic and spirituality. Its lush lyricism reflects both the patterns of Odisha temple carving and the poetry of the deep sources of Oriya music.

Live music is also essential at work. Skilled percussion, flute and harmonium performers drive the rhythms of the dance and accentuate its lyrical nature. Even though dance companies have embraced recorded music over the past few decades, Nrityagram considers live music intrinsic to its practice.

Saturday, November 12, 2022, 9:00 PM

Moss Art Center, Blacksburg, Virginia


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