New dance ensemble debuts in Howard County public school system



HOWARD COUNTY, MD – Dancers from across the Howard County public school system are fusing their talents into a countywide dance ensemble. For the first time in more than 30 years, the 24 dancers are joining forces to represent all the high schools of the HCPSS.

Brooke Kuhl-McClelland, leader of the Hammond High School dance education team, was instrumental in creating the ensemble, the school district said. She brought in New York dancer, educator and choreographer Nathaniel Hunt and his colleague Allie Gee to lead the ensemble’s audition and choreograph her initial performance, with Holli Tucci, dance teacher at Oakland Mills High School, who is co-coordinator of the whole.

“An ensemble opportunity like this will prepare pre-professional dancers for what the professional dance world will be like. It’s an overview of the audition process as well as the rehearsal process,” Hunt said in a commentary. communicated. “What excites me the most about leading this group is that I have the opportunity to cultivate, educate and mentor a group of talented, humble and passionate young dancers.”

The ensemble first learned contemporary dance to the song “Shading” by artist Senking, combining fluid movements with a bit of hip hop and even acrobatic movement. The countywide troupe adds a new dimension to the grade-level opportunities that HCPSS students have in taking up dance for the fine arts credit, as well as other performance and choreographic experiences.


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