Mirror Concert Dance Crew released a joint statement: Stop spreading fake news

On July 25, Hong Kong mega boy band Mirror opened their twelve sold-out concerts “MIRROR We Are Live Concert” at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Local fans were ready to enjoy the show. However, their excitement was disrupted by a horrific accident at the July 28 concert. The serious accident injured two dancers. One of them is still in critical condition as of July 30.

This is an update on the current situation:

10:25 a.m. July 31 updated:

After the serious MIRROR Concert incident, the three engineering companies released statements saying they had not installed the giant screen.

Art Design Ltd

Art Design Ltd. took the lead in releasing a statement early in the morning of July 29, saying they had not been involved in any mechanical engineering and/or production and stage operations that led to accident-related projects and that they were only responsible for the scene. design an engineering part.

Hip Hing Loong Stage Engineering Co.,Ltd

Construction contractor-Hip Hing Loong Stage Engineering Co., Ltd., issued a statement on the evening of July 29, saying the company was responsible for the fabrication and installation of part of the construction projects. stage for this concert.

The rest of the mechanical parts for the stage were fabricated and supplied by Art Design Ltd., including the sky screen elevator and steel cables.

Both companies draw the line indicating that the accident was not related to their scope of engineering responsibility.

In technical production

In Technical Production Co. also said on the evening of July 29, saying it provided qualified video equipment and designated structures for installation. They have not participated in any structure related to the installation of giant suspended screens, to any production of suspended steel cables, or to the operation of mechanical engineering.

Impact Engineering Ltd.

On the evening of July 30, the main contractor, Engineering Impact Ltd, said it would not release any information during the ongoing investigation period to avoid any public misunderstanding or speculation. They will provide a detailed explanation after investigation by the departments concerned.

Public complaints

As the various contractors appeared to disavow their responsibilities, Hong Kongers, especially Mirror fans, were angry. Some said, “No one takes responsibility. Did the screen blow off on its own? “Not my problem? You think you can wash your hands of it just like that?” “Did the monitor come up on its own?”


On July 31, 2022, 23 dancers from MIRROR WE ARE LIVE CONCERT released a joint statement to clarify the rumors.

06.35, Update: On July 31, 2022, 23, in the statement, the dance team said that they will not accept any media interviews or make anonymous comments online due to an ongoing investigation. Classes.

The group’s dance crew also clarified that the remarks made on social media were not from the crew members. They urge the public not to spread rumours, unconfirmed information or believe in fake news.

The interpreters also asked the public to only base the facts on the updates given by the families of the injured; they also never started crowdfunding for injured dancers.

The dancers wrote, “The 12 members of MIRROR and our entire dance team work very hard in our performance. Right now we are one, and together we will overcome. However, don’t blame anything on the performers or the members of MIRROR.

And finally, they wish the three injured peers, Mo, Fung, and Zisac a speedy recovery.


07.34 Update: On July 30, 2022, Lee’s parents arrived at Hong Kong International Airport from Toronto at around 7:15 a.m. local time. Pastor Lee Shing-Lam and Ms. Lee were greeted by Cathay Pacific staff and local quarantine officers. They were then escorted to the vehicle. They are currently heading to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Hong Kong dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin, who was injured by a falling television screen during the MIRROR concert on July 28, 2022, is in critical condition in the intensive care unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

Responding to the media, representatives from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital replied: ‘The patient completed the operation last night. He is currently in the intensive care unit. As laryngeal anesthesia was required during his operation, Mo was temporarily classified as critical, based on clinical classification. His vital is stable.

QEH said its medical team will continue to conduct clinical evaluations and provide appropriate treatment to fully support Lee’s recovery.

Lee was one of the dancers on the 4th show of the MIRROR concert when a 200-inch television screen fell and shattered his head and neck. It was later reported that Lee suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and a C4 spinal cord injury, which left him paralyzed from the neck down.

On July 30, 2022, Pastor Lee Shing-Lam and his wife arrived at Hong Kong International Airport from Toronto at around 7:15 a.m. local time. Pastor Lee and Ms Lee are the parents of dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin, who is currently in critical condition in ICU after a huge television screen fell on him during the Mirror We Are concert. (Big Mack/The Epoch Times)
Epoch Times Photo
Pastor Lee Shing-Lam and his wife were escorted to the vehicle heading for Queen Elizabeth Hospital. (Big Mack/The Epoch Times)

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