Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble presents TO YOUR CONSTANT EMBRACE, THE CLOUD STREAM SWAYS


“To Your Constant Embrace, The Cloud Stream Sways” is a new dance and music film by Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble that talks about our current condition of being alone together and invites us into a world of inspiring and interwoven interaction in 5 cities of 4 different countries. The 13-minute short features choreography, editing and costumes by Michele Brangwen and music composed and arranged by Danielle Reich.

“To Your Constant Embrace, The Cloud Stream Sways” is performed by dancers Robin Gilbert, Yuritzi Govea, Cristian Laverde König and Michele Brangwen, singer Danielle Reich, trumpeter Tim Hagans, bassist Thomas Helton and drummer Anders Mogensen.

Brangwen writes: “When we started this project in October, it looked like the coming winter months were going to be very difficult. We had just released a film project that we had created in the spring and summer and I felt that it was really important that we keep creating a work together during this time. I wanted to create a new work that would be an invitation to release some of the sadness, an invitation to experience a kind of oneness universal that exists out of our shared humanity, something heartwarming and welcoming Singer and songwriter Danielle Reich wrote and arranged an incredibly beautiful song called “Come on, come on”, with lyrics by the poet Rumi. , the poem seems to me to be about inclusion and forgiveness, both mutual forgiveness and forgiveness of ourselves. Raymond Todd, a poet friend of mine, says that forgiveness opens the door to love, to unity.

Brangwen continues, “We realized when we started this project that two dancers would soon be out of the country to help their family members in need, so we decided to film them themselves dancing where they would be. . It was so exciting to find out that these acts of love on their part would translate into these beautiful and contrasting places being part of the movie. Their footage was so rich and organic, and as a filmmaker, it was so exciting to work with. Our ensemble has members who reside in New York City, Houston, Texas and Odense, Denmark. This new project also included images from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Cali, Colombia. “

Live broadcasts of “To Your Constant Embrace, The Cloud Stream Sways” will include a real-time introduction by choreographer and filmmaker Michele Brangwen, composer Danielle Reich and trumpeter Tim Hagans, as well as a post-premiere section where the artists respond in front of the camera to comments and questions from the public on Facebook (March 7) and YouTube (March 14). The event is free.

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The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble is a contemporary dance company featuring all new choreography, original live music and the integration of all of our musicians into visual imagery, so dancers and musicians break the boundaries of the traditional interaction of sets. In 20 years, every performance has included live music and musicians as an integral part of the visual imagery of the stage. We believe that the role of the artist in society is to communicate, to challenge, to open a dialogue that can both unite us and inspire significant change. We operate as a jazz band and, with sections of choreographed movements and written music, we use the improvisation that flows from the form, concept and emotional life of the work. The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble is based in New York and Houston.

Danielle Reich is a Houston-based singer and songwriter with a cross-genre career. After graduating with a music degree from the University of Florida, Danielle Reich moved to Houston and began singing with the Houston Grand Opera Choir, and also began to explore the city’s vibrant jazz scene and study the jazz. After a few years, she became a jazz singer. Ms. Reich has performed at the Trinity Jazz Festival, Manouche NW and the Austin Jazz Festival. She currently performs with her own trio as well as the Boomtown Brass Band (traditional New Orleans jazz), Swing Rendezvous (gypsy jazz), Relative Dissonance (improvisation ensemble) and the Tim Hagans Quartet. Danielle Reich has released two albums, “While They Were Dancing” and “This Year’s Kisses”, and was also the singer on pianist / songwriter Peggy Stern’s album “Shine On”. She has performed with the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble in venues in New York, Houston and Stoney Brook, NY.


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