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UniCircle Flow is a unicycle dance group that traveled from Japan for their audition. They quickly dropped the jaws of the America’s Got Talent judges with their single act. Riding a bike is hard enough, let alone a dance-size unicycle.

The description of this historic Japanese act is “land figure skating”. This group strives for recognition of unicycle dance performance and its athletes. Kenichi Ebina launched UniCircle Flow and picked top performers in Japan. People in this group are champions and runners-up in national competitions.

This group of unicycles took the AGT stage for the first time on June 8th and I’m still trying to figure out how they do their act. I really have no idea how they are able to stay so balanced while dancing on their unicycles.

Meet UniCircle Flow Leader Kazuhiro Shimoyama

According to the UniCircle Flow management website, they are led by Kazuhiro Shimoyama. He is a two-time unicycle world champion, former interim unicycle world champion and has 30 years of unicycling experience.

Shimoyama joins the group by leading in the foreground, participating as a coach, and acting as a choreographer. Although their initial audition only had four people, there are actually 12 people normally in the group.

He shared a photo of the group on his Instagram on August 6. This photo was from their last rehearsal in Japan before heading to the United States for the live shows.

On a separate post shared on the band’s founder’s page, we now know that all of UniCircle Flow is in America for live shows, and it doesn’t look like Shimoyama is joining the band.

How long has this band been together?

Prior to auditioning for AGT, UniCircle Flow did mostly local performances. They have 1,400 YouTube subscribers, but they are represented by LinQuest Inc.. Even though it doesn’t seem like they have a huge following, each member has their own personal successes that they bring to the group. Some of the members have even worked around the world at Cirque du Soleil.

Their Facebook page exists since April 14, 2021, and their instagram exists since April 26. Since both of these social media accounts are so new, it’s possible the group is either extremely new or just plain new to social media. Anyway, I think they will gain a lot of followers after their performance on Tuesday night.

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