Local dance troupe wins praise from across England for Ukrainian performance

Three young dancers from Tunbridge Wells were named national champions at the All England National Dance Final at the end of July, thanks to their performance in the Ukrainian national dance.

Local dancers Lilli-Belle Wright, 17, Freya Armstrong, 16, and Ella Kukkola, 17, who train at the Dance Consortium, presented their Ukrainian dance for the first time at the fundraising event of the Ukrainian Relief Group.

At the National Dance Competition late last month, the girls again performed their numbers in the classical dance section, where performances are to be choreographed in the most authentic style, music and costumes for traditional dance. of a country.

“This particular trio celebrates the national flower, the sunflower, and the symbol of hope it represents for the Ukrainian people,” explained Katie Thompson of the Dance Consortium.

“Sunflower buds face the rising sun and follow its movement every day and the choreography reflects this.”

During the competition, Ella also received an excellent mark for her solo tap performance and was invited to participate in the AED Young Tap Dancer of the Year competition, where she was a finalist.

The girls began their training as preschoolers at the Dance Consortium, where the national dance is taught from the age of five, starting with the English national dance.

Other Dance Consortium students, some as young as seven, also won championship medals.

The Dance Consortium was founded in Tunbridge Wells in 1986 and is accepting new students from September, both in Tunbridge Wells and at their new branch in Crowborough.

Interested families can register at: TheDanceConsortium.co.uk

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