Lancaster-based dance troupe hosts Juneteenth dance celebration

The Imani Edu-tainers presented Lancaster residents with a showcase of traditional African dance

LANCASTER, Pa. — The sound of African drums echoed throughout the Ware Center as Edu-tainers Imani rehearsed for Saturday’s gourd concert. The musicians and dancers worked for a month to put together this showcase for the Lancaster community.

“It’s going to be rewarding to get on stage and show everyone what I know and educate them in traditional African dance,” said Katie Beth Wubbels.

“Getting the chance to play it is amazing because you get to spread cultural awareness, which is what this company is all about,” said Chianu McFarland.

The concert is part of a long weekend celebration of Juneteenth in conjunction with the Millersville University Intercultural Center.

Jae Whitlow, the event organizer and director of the Intercultural Center, said the event will not only serve as a celebration, but also as an educational opportunity.

“Particularly around the importance and contribution of black people, but then merging West African culture into our celebration,” Whitlow explained.

Whitlow hopes residents who attend the weekend celebration will come away with new perspectives while enjoying the music and dancing.

“If you’re not stomping or slapping, I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” Whitlow joked. “Whether it’s the first time you hear African drums, or the 100th time you hear African drums, or it’s in your veins, we can all take something away from this evening. Because we are all in this journey of self-discovery, rediscovery and the ability to be in community with one another.

The Imani Endu-tainers will be at the Ware Center again on Sunday to host a variety of Juneteenth activities.

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