Kind farewell gestures from the folding Wigan dance group


Directions for Men group received £ 500 boost from Morris Dancers incespirations

Those who ran Incespirations Morris Dancers of Ince recently made the sad decision to disband because so many of its members were gone during the pandemic.

They had money in their reserves that was intended to help children compete.

So the leaders and parents got together and decided to split the money between several beneficiaries including £ 500 to the St Patrick’s Girls rugby team as many Incespiration members have now decided to change a bit. and to go from the hobby of dancing to a rugby player.

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Ince Rosebridge, the Under 9s accepted a donation of £ 200 to help with their presentation and also £ 200 to the St Benedict Bowling Team as like the Morris Dance they are struggling to secure sponsors or subsidies.

Another £ 500 recipient was the new mental health group Directions for Men, as Incespirations felt it was not attracting sufficient funding and yet it was addressing an issue that was close to the hearts of many. people.

Army veteran Brendan Kelly, who founded the Directions for Men branch and runs it at Sunshine House in Scholes, said, “It’s a wonderful and kind gesture to donate to us.

“It is essential and we can guarantee that it will be put to good use.

“We are only sorry that the money came because another organization unfortunately closed its doors.”

Nicola Irvine of Inces Inspirations said: “We have disbanded due to the loss of too many dancers during the pandemic period. It would have been difficult to participate in competitions.

“We had funds that we were planning to use to help the kids participate in competitions, so as a troop and with our parents we decided to give this money to some local community groups as if it wasn’t. for community support we would. ”I was able to organize fun days, sponsored walks etc. to raise these funds.

“We still have funds left as we continue to seek out local groups that we can donate to. “

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