Kid Dance Group Do Incredible Acrobatic Moves On “Asia’s Got Talent”

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In 2019, an amazing group of kids auditioned for Asia has talent with an electrifying dance routine. The group of five boys, called Team Awesome Junior, showed incredible acrobatics.

The crowd went wild for the performance, and the judges couldn’t praise it enough. Discover Awesome Junior’s hearing below, and read on to find out what the judges had to say about their talent.

Awesome Junior Auditions for ‘Asia’s Got Talent’

The boys from Awesome Junior ran on stage full of energy. They explained that they were from Buriram in Thailand and shared their ages. Three of the boys were 10 years old and two were 9 years old.


The boys met at a dance camp and said they would use the $100,000 grand prize to “save money for our education”. Then they launched into an incredible dance routine with shocking acrobatics.

The group performed synchronized choreography and flipped in the air. The boys had the perfect facial expressions to go along with their dance moves. Backstage, one of their mothers could be seen flinching as they showed off the dangerous flips.

What did the judges think of the audition?

“You did a really, really good job,” judge Jay Park told the group after their performance, complimenting their flips and facial expressions. “You guys all killed him. Good work.”

Anggun said it was “impossible not to love this performance”, adding that they “all pulled it off”. David Foster called them “the future of dance”. All three judges voted “yes” to send the group to the next round.


The year before their Asia has talent performance, the boys were gold medalists in the junior division at the 2018 World Hip Hop Dance Championships. Check out their amazing performances in the video above.

Unfortunately, the group was eliminated during the Asia has talent semi-finals, but we are sure they have an incredible future ahead of them.

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