Kang Daniel to host Mnet’s upcoming female dance team competition show



Kang daniel Hosts Mnet’s New Survival Show “Street Woman Fighter” (literal title)!

Mnet launches the very first survival program for a female dance team from the “Street Woman Fighter” channel. Eight female dance teams that represent South Korea will appear on the show and compete against each other to become the No.1 team. Dancers will feature various genres of street dance including hip hop, waacking, lockdown, krumping, and breakdance. PD (Production Manager) Choi Jung Nam of “Dancing 9”, “Hit the Stage” and “Somebody” will direct the show with the intention of popularizing female street dance genres.

Kang Daniel, an artist known for his dancing skills and his love for dance, will be the MC of “Street Woman Fighter”. In the past, Kang Daniel was introduced to breakdance through his school’s breakdance club, and then majored in contemporary dance. In high school, he taught his students to breakdance, and he also has experience competing in dance battles as a street dancer. His diverse experience with dance makes him the ideal candidate for the MC of a dance program.

This will be Kang Daniel’s first time as a fixed MC for a TV show. He commented: “I am excited just thinking about seeing the performances of the best dancers up close. It is an even greater honor to take on the special role of an MC. I think I will receive a lot of inspiration as an artist, and I will also share my experiences and support the dancers to create their best performances.

CP (Chief Producer) Kwon Young Chan explained, “The prestige of K-pop is skyrocketing all over the world, and I believe K-pop dance is what is at the center of it all. I wanted to show global K-pop fans the dance teams that create these K-pop choreographies.

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” premieres in mid-August this year.

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