Jump into Spring with “A Tribute to the Music of SEAL” by Catawba College Dance Ensemble


April 16, 2019

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By Krissey Browder ’20

The Catawba College Dance Ensemble rolls out of the dance studio and onto the streets with the 7:30 pm production on April 25 and 26 of the “Spring Dance Concert 2019: A Tribute to the Music of SEAL”. In this dance collaboration offered at the Florence Busby Corriher Theater on campus, the works of student choreographers and dancers will be celebrated as well as pieces presented by faculty dance teachers Catawba, Tod Kubo and Amanda Diorio.

While the Catawba College Dance Ensemble is known to have collaborated with stage productions in the past including “Alice in Wonderland” and the two installments of “The Outrageous Dance Project with Ballet Pensacola”, “A Tribute to the Music of SEAL “will be the first in what Catawba hopes will be a series of student-choreographed works, and the first dance concert showcasing the works of a single artist.

co-dance19c.pngWhen deciding which artist to refer to as the basis for production, SEAL seemed to be the perfect fit for the vision of director Tod Kubo who said, “Seal’s music has consistently been a voice of reason in good times and bad. . All of his music acts as a reminder of what is good in our world and reminds us that we can overcome anything. “

Student choreographers include Charlee Beth Haddock of Florence, Ala .; Emily Owens of Reidsville; Darren Vance of Reidsville; Shannon Harris of Reidsville; Kelly Sandoval from Santa Fe, New Mexico; Rebecca Smith of Clemmons; and Nicky Vassello of Hillsborough. Catawba’s student choreographers not only create what will be seen on stage, but they are also active behind the scenes designing lighting, costumes, sets and sound.

Featured in the Dance Ensemble alongside student choreographers are Taylor Kroop of Boynton Beach, Florida; Gracie Rodriguez of Greensboro; Trey Germano of Salisbury; Caroline Kirk of Ipswich, Mass. ; and Matthew Windsor from Mooresville.co-dance19b.png

Guest artists for the concert include Krissey Browder of Wilkesboro; John Woodson and Jay Woodson.

The Catawba College Dance Ensemble’s “Spring Dance Concert 2019: A Tribute to the Music of SEAL” will be presented on Thursday April 25 and Friday April 26 at the Florence Busby Corriher Theater. Entrance is free, but donations are encouraged at the door.

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