How a Tom Brady Shirt, Battle Ax and Dance Team Mask Took a Carter Lake Man to Jail | Crime and courts



White told him he hadn’t called the police yet but was going to. That’s when Wonder threw the ax at him twice. The first was an overhead swing, like a tennis racket; the second swing was through his body, like a baseball bat. White dodged both swings, then sprayed Wonder with pepper spray. Wonder ran away.

Two days later, around 10 a.m., White was in his shower. Armed with a bow and arrow, someone walked into the bathroom wearing a mask similar to those worn by dance group Jabbawockeez who performed on the MTV show “America’s Best Dance Crew”. With an arrow loaded and ready to fire at the push of a button, the intruder raised the gun and pointed it at White.

Wonder wore a Jabbawockeez mask similar to these.

“I got you, bitch, for calling the cops on me,” the man said. He then ordered White to get out of the shower and go to the basement, following his every footstep.

Arriving in the basement, the man asked for White’s wallet and three New England Patriots jerseys from Tom Brady.

White gave him the booty. Despite the mask, which looks like an old-fashioned hockey goalie’s helmet, White said he knew the intruder was Wonder. So he told Wonder he knew.

At that, Wonder took off the mask and ran out the back door.

In Tuesday’s sentencing, Judge Derr gave Wonder 229 days credit for time already spent in jail and zero credit for creativity.


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