Hard work pays off for Cape Town dance team competing in Nationals

The Kensington Dance Crew (KDC) danced through to the World of Dance National Qualifiers to be held in Johannesburg in December. PHOTO: provided

Their motto is ‘hard work pays off’ and that proved to be true for the Kensington Dance Crew (KDC) as they danced their way to the World of Dance National Qualifiers to be held in Johannesburg in December.

But now the team needs financial support to make the trip a reality.

World of Dance is the largest international urban dance competition focused on the art of street dance and new age choreography. It is known as the largest traveling event that encompasses urban dance and lifestyle.

The dancers, who will compete in the national championships, were chosen in auditions held across the country in July.

During the national championships, the best dancers will be chosen to participate in the world dance championships which will be held in the United States of America (USA).

Charlene Palace, Center Manager at Kensington High School and one of the coaches, says they are delighted to have qualified for the national championships.

“Their performance at the auditions was quite good. It was quite difficult; they were under pressure. But that day they did their thing, and the result is that they are now heading to the nationals in Johannesburg.

She says the junior and senior dance groups have qualified for national championships. The group, made up of around 12 crew members, hails from the community of Kensington and Factreton.

Palace explains that they need funds for transport, accommodation, new uniforms and shoes, among other things.

“We are trying to raise funds to be able to go to Joburg. Funding is a major issue, so we try to involve people. We need sponsors to take us to Joburg and back.

Palace say that despite the financial setback, the team are experiencing mixed emotions.

“We are extremely proud. They are excited, nervous and scared at the same time.

She says the crew are passionate about their craft.

“It’s not just about dancing for them. It’s their passion, their way of expressing what they feel. Some of them are struggling at school and at home, so when they come to dance, they are there to express themselves. They may not be able to say what they feel, so they do it through dance.

Palace says their goal is to travel to the United States as well.

“When they go to Johannesburg, they will go and do their best and have fun. This is a great opportunity for them.”

Palace thanked David Stemmet, founder of the group, for all his efforts and hard work in ensuring the growth of the team.

The group are no strangers to the dance scene and have a few title winners in the bag. In 2018 they won the Hip Hop International competition and last year they won second place in the 021 Best Dance Crew competition.

They also made several appearances on SABC’s Espresso Morning.

Stemmet (23) says the team is thrilled as this will be their first appearance in the World of Dance competition.

He says the team is also preparing and rehearsing for this year’s edition of 021 Best Dance Crew next month.

Stemmet explains that the team is working hard to prepare for the trip to Johannesburg.

Their goal is to hit the jackpot.

“We’re going there for the experience, it’s the first time we’ve taken part in the nationals; that in itself as an accomplishment.

  • To donate, contact Charlene on 021 593 3050.

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