Gilbert dance team to appear on ‘World of Dance’ with a mission to unite the community


“The Rise” is a group of brothers, bonded and determined to dance with all their hearts while spreading their message of hope, through hip hop.

GILBERT, Arizona – own to NBC Dance world the competition is intensifying with talented groups from all walks of life.

A Gilbert team is thrilled to take the stage in front of the world with an underlying goal of uplifting people in the midst of America’s current state.

“The Rise” is a group of brothers who are bonded and determined to dance with all their hearts while spreading their message of hope, through hip hop.

“It’s a crazy time and it’s been crazy and it’s a time where we just need something that can uplift us,” Myson Dotson said.

Their project is to communicate through dance. Ascension rises beyond limitations.

“It doesn’t matter who you are any kid, any person, you can come from diversity, come from adversity, come from anything and be someone and be great and that’s our goal, ”Dotson added.

Members like Dotson, Isaiah Aguiling-Hinton and Jalen Reyes join those hoping for peace and kindness across the country.

“I think whatever we can do to move this message forward, we are going to look for opportunities to do it,” Aguiling-Hinton said.

The nine-person team wants to wow the judges, including JLo who has posted with so many on equality.

“We all have different backgrounds and different perspectives and stuff and it gives us a new way of approaching choreography, competition, connecting with other teams and I think we owe that to our diversity, which is really important to remember especially just that a group of people can be so different and still produce so much greatness, ”Reyes said.

The Gilbert group will give it their all on the dance floor, fearlessly as they focus on the future of dance, unity and the arts.

“Dancing is one of those things that you can’t help but smile at and not feel touched by, so watch World Of Dance and you’ll be thankful it’s an outing, watch it and get away from it all. a little bit, ”Myson said.

You can catch Dance world every Tuesday only on NBC.

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