GGB Dance Crew Win NET Honors 2022 Most Popular Dance/Video Vixen Followed by Poco Lee, Kaffy and Others

Dance team Girls Got (GGB) Bold won the NET Honors 2022 Most Popular Dance/Video Vixen award.

GGB is a Lagos-based dance pop group that rose to prominence in the Nigerian entertainment industry in 2014. The team consists of BBNiaja season six runner-up Afije ‘Liquorose’ Omokhoa, Odiley Emmanuella and Ifeoma Efiokwu , who were independent until they met. in February 2014 at an event where many Vixen bands were invited.

“We were all freelance video vixens at first, just doing our own thing. We barely knew each other. Then in February 2014, the magic happened. Many vixens had been invited to meet at Clarence Peters for a music video shoot video. We were part of them. We watched each other’s moves and secretly admired each other,” Liquorose told Vanguard in an interview.

Announcing the winner on Friday, July 1, 2022, the GGB Dance Team got 58.5% of the vote, beating out Poco Lee who got 23.1%, Kaffy 12.2%, Pinki Debbie with 2.7%, Tosin Pedro with 2.1% and Stephen Papi Ojo with 1.3% to clinch the prestigious prize.

The trio’s dance moves, movements and energy have made them fan favorites. In one of their dance routines posted on their YouTube channel, the team showcased an incredible level of skill that earned the video over 2 million views with several parts of the video used as clips online.

Commenting on the visible support and enthusiasm of fans for their favourites, Michael Orodare, Editorial Manager of ID Africa, said: “In seven days, we recorded over 21,000 votes from fans who chose their favorites in the new categories. That’s why we introduced 15 new voting categories that gave fans more power to choose their favorite celebrities for the awards.

Since its inception in 2013, the NET Honors has been one of the most prestigious audience awards in the world given to deserving individuals for their outstanding achievement and contribution to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

See the full list of winners here.

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