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GENESEO – SUNY Geneseo’s Drama and Dance Studies Department presents the Geneseo dance ensemble in “Dancing on the Edge” with new works from teachers and guest artists.

The concert, artistically directed and produced by dance studies teacher Jonette Lancos with associate professor Dr Mark Broomfield, will be presented at the Alice Austin Theater February 27-29 at 7:30 p.m. and March 1 at 2 p.m. are $ 10 and available at the student association box office or at

Guy Thorne, guest artist during the fall semester 2019, will create They Slice the Air and Reinvent Themselves to lyrics by Charles Bukowski with music by Wganda Kenya. Based on the traditional Jamaican movement incorporating the technique of Garth Fagan, the dancers use machetes to symbolize the sugar cane cutters, while continuously redefining themselves.

Jon Lehrer, guest artist in the fall semester 2018, choreographed Sirenic, a portrayal of aspects of women in the present day. The title derives from the sirens of Greek mythology, female creatures who, by their song, charm sailors until they are wrecked.

Taking Flight, a new work by associate professor of dance studies Dr. Mark Broomfield, choreographed to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G major, Yo-Yo Ma’s Prlude, revel in the boundless expression joy, new heights of friendship and rising voices of hope for future generations.

Nicolette Ferguson, Adjunct Professor, will present Light with a solo and a quartet on two musical selections from Edward Bland and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, exploring the word “Light”, as in not heavy, but easygoing, light, dynamic and living in nature. Deborah Scodese-French, Adjunct Professor will present Women Gather, inspired by a quote from Sark and a community building project in Lake Eyasi, Tanzania, is a contemporary dance that displays and embodies power, comfort, joy and l unity found within a community of women. Jonette Lancos, professor of dance studies, creates a charismatic and radiant classical ballet in the Allegro Vivo section of the Symphony in C by George Bizet.

guest works by students Lauren Hummel ’21, who conceived Absence, based on the journey through grieving a loss and finding acceptance, and Zachary Iannotta ’22, who created Body Love, which deals with the issue of unrealistic societal standards of body image affecting young women mental health. A former student, Samantha Schmeer ’19 explored for her master’s dance auditions, Finding the Zenith on a poem by Edith Sdergran. Rhythms Under the Sun will perform their final dance composition projects using the elements and design principles as displayed in selected paintings.

Dancing on the Edge is led by Professor Jonette Lancos in collaboration with senior student assistants Sonia Bartolomeo ’20, Jessica Clagnaz ’20 and Jordan Wisset ’20. The manager is Julia Albino ’22. Drama teacher Johnnie Ferrell is the mentor of student lighting designers Matthew Esham ’21, Nikko Garmendiz ’19 and Cosette Ratliff ’20. Drama teacher Bonita Stubblefield designs costumes and coaches Megan Palmer ’21.

Dancing on the Edge is supported by generous donations through the Geneseo Foundation from supporters and local businesses. Join Geneseo Dance Ensemble’s 52nd year and 105th dance concert in an evening of distinctive, dynamic and original dance works.


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