Esten Elementary School in Rockland Hosts NYC’s JLine Dance Team for Anti-Bullying Town Hall

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ROCKLAND — Superintendent Alan Cron and Principal Marilyn Smith are pleased to announce that R. Stewart Esten Elementary School hosted the JLine Dance Team for a special assembly focused on anti-bullying.

The JLine dance team, from New York, presented two 45-minute performances at the Esten School on Monday, March 7. The dancers’ program included high-energy choreographed performances followed by a discussion period on ways the students could lead more positive lives. .

The dance company has performed in schools across the country, promoting concepts such as treating others with respect and taking responsibility for one’s actions. The dancers perform in front of students of different levels, from kindergarten to high school. Students are engaged by hearing dance music they can relate to and presented with positive ideals.

The band promotes the idea that anything is possible with hard work, education, and focusing on what you can bring to the world that no one else can.

The director of JLine, known as J-Line, found his love for dance at the age of 13 and hopes the assemblies will spark the same passion among students in the audience.

“The students were captivated by such an exciting performance,” said Principal Smith. “JLine does an amazing job promoting the fight against bullying, and their message of inclusion and acceptance aligns perfectly with the values ​​and ideas we promote every day at Esten.”

The three band members, including J-Line, Darby Fulcher and Carrie Lee, shared their own personal stories with Esten’s students after the performance. They each talked about how they’ve struggled at times in their lives, but how important it is to find your voice and find your own place in the world.

To learn more about the JLine Dance Crew, click here.


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