Dance troupe shows off their moves in ‘Winter Surprise’


Michael Chanda showing off the sheer pleasure of dancing Photos Jonathan Stokes

RESIDENTS of MacUilliam Estate in Tallaght were treated to outdoor performances by dancer Michael Chanda and the Freshly Ground Theater group on Saturday afternoon.

More than 20 young people also participated in a dance workshop on the estate’s basketball court led by Michael Chanda, and the children placed illuminated Christmas trees around the estate.

The social-distancing event, called “Winter Surprise,” was hosted by Creative Places MacUilliam – an 18-month Arts Council-funded program that aims to bring the arts into the field.

Jennifer Webster of Tallaght Community Arts, which offers the program, told The Echo: “We had a great time on Saturday.

Children with their community Christmas tree in the MacUíllíam estate

“There was a great community gathering, where we used the area differently – having a dance workshop on the basketball court had probably never happened before.

“The atmosphere was very exciting and fun. The feedback was that the community had had a great time.

The event was funded by the local South Dublin County Council Live Performance Support Program and is one of many events that Creative Places MacUilliam plans to host over the next 14 months.

Michael Chanda leading his dance workshop

“There will be a lot of events going on throughout next year with Creative Places MacUilliam,” Jennifer explained.

“What we’re doing is a research project to see what artistic initiatives the MacUilliam community would like to have and to give them a taste of different projects.

“It’s community driven and extremely collaborative. “

For more information, visit the Creative places MacUilliam The Facebook page.


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