Dance group Sassy wows judges on ‘France’s Got Talent’ [VIDEO]

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The mistresses competed France has talent with a dance routine that featured a lot of sass and attitude. Discover their audition 2019 below where they kicked the judge’s socks off as they danced to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.”

The mistresses present an energetic dance performance on “France’s Got Talent”

The female dancers in the group wore identical white outfits while male leader Andy Da Veiga wore a gray suit. They performed a variety of unique dance moves and incorporated lots of tutting and kicking into their energetic number. The judges danced to the number as they watched excitedly.

“The primary idea for this piece was to create more than just a group of female dancers,” Andy exclusively told Talent Recap. “It was to create a family where every woman can be herself artistically.” He went on to say that the idea behind the piece “was to create something powerful and complete. I chose to put a lot of line to emphasize the fact that women can be in control of their bodies and their movements.


He continued “Being the center of the combo was a thoughtful decision to let the viewers think I’m in control but as you can see the last move in the piece is when all the girls slap me to the ground. And that’s how you understand that all the dancers had control from the beginning and not me.

It was obvious when they were elected for the semi-finals. The teachers danced to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” They wore black and gold outfits and showcased some of their dancers who had their own moments in the spotlight. Again, his performance featured lots of hits, pops, tutting and of course a tremendous amount of teamwork.

While their performance was amazing, they were eliminated from the competition. They certainly showed France has talent a whole new caliber of dance in a group.

Where are they now?

After appearing in Season 14 of France has talent, the group always dances together. The mistresses performed a burlesque dance routine and a cabaret-style show. “After six months off stage, here we are. It was so good,” Andy wrote on Instagram. The group began posting workout videos for the show in April. Now they finally got to show off their skills to a socially distanced audience. Before that, the mistresses performed a show in February where they wore matching sequined red outfits and looked like they had a blast.

After overcoming depression in his life, Andy said that France has talent was a big step for him. “I never did this TV show to win or to prove anything to the public or even to the jury,” he told Us exclusively. “It was for me and just for that. And to be followed by 10 incredible dancers who believed in you, in your art and gave you their soul to work with was just amazing.

“What a breath of fresh air to meet again after 6 months without seeing each other. Thank you to my loving dancers for sharing this moment with me,” he wrote after the mistresses returned to the studio amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because France has talent, The Mistresses Company have evolved,” he added. “I had new dancers inside who gave us fresh blood. We’ve been seen at Cabaret Clara Morgane since December 2019 and we’ve just started the new season of this tour. Alongside that, we keep rehearsing to create our own video project to show people the full technical scope of the business!” he says enthusiastically.


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