Dance Ensemble Presents Fall Showcase

The UT Martin Dance Ensemble will present its fall semester showcase, Ambivalenceat 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday, November 17 and 18, at the Harriet Fulton Theater in the Fine Arts Building on campus.

The dances are choreographed by the ensemble’s director and teacher, Sarah McCormick, but also by students Marlee Scott, Lanna Kate Graves and Maleia Bigham, who also perform in the showcase.

McCormick says she’s so proud of how her students have taken on the difficult task of putting on a show like Ambivalence.

“A lot of work has been put into this show! There have been a few bumps in the road, you might say, this semester, but with each challenge, the students have pulled together and figured things out. I’m so proud of the work they put into the show,” McCormick said.

Bigham, a first-year dance education student, says she is very excited about dancing with a large group of friends and debuting pieces close to her heart. When asked what kind of dances she would perform, she gave a real and raw answer.

“There is such a variety of dances in this show which have themes of friendship, love, death and unity. That’s why the show is called Ambivalence, because it deals with different mixed emotions,” says Bigham.

Members of the UT Martin dance program poured their hearts and souls into this showcase, says Bigham, which is one of the reasons she is so thrilled to perform.

Scott, a second-year dance education student, did a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the show, like making sure all the dances were in a certain order, checking costumes, creating and learning her own dances, and even more. . She says she is thrilled to be on the dance floor again.

“The feeling I have when I play is not like the others; it’s like flying and falling at the same time while showing your soul to a group of strangers without saying a word. It’s a powerful thing,” says Scott, who stars in four of the show’s eight plays.

When asked why students should attend the show, Scott said, “Students should want to broaden their horizons and try something new. A lot of people I spoke to didn’t know anything about our major or ensemble schedule and were interested to see what it looked like. This show is the perfect opportunity to see what we study day after day – a true art form that takes time, skill, patience and dedication.

“Seeing this show will give students a new perspective and respect for dancers and should inspire them to learn more about what the arts at UTM have to offer,” she says.

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