Covid-19: Lion Dance Troupe Takes To Online Retail Platform To Sell Virtual Performances To Keep Chinese New Year Spiritual (VIDEO) | Life


The Shaolin GC Academy lion dance performance last year during Chinese New Year. – Photo via Facebook / ShaolinGCSupporter’sClub

PETALING JAYA, February 11 – With most lion dance troupes canceled due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), one group has found a creative way to continue their lion dance tradition.

The Shaolin GC Showtime Academy has developed lion dance videos that can be purchased online that accompany Chinese New Year greetings.

Lions Going Places, virtually. Qi by mail. Yes, our lions move virtually. Supporters, you can get our …

posted by Shaolin GC Supporters Club to Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Anyone across the world can purchase his videos and watch his lion dance performances from the comfort of their own home while ushering in the Chinese New Year festivities.

According to Alex Loh, the head coach of Shaolin GC Showtime Academy, one of the academy’s sponsors gave him the idea to create these lion dance videos.

He said Malaysian courier that was a good suggestion and pursued the idea since physical performances are prohibited at this time.

Videos of the dancers performing the dance were shot during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) last year with dancers volunteering to perform without being paid.

“With most of the shows canceled due to MCO this year, the team of 20 to 30 lion dancers were unable to earn any income, especially during the Chinese New Year festivities.

“But we have a few full-time staff and we’re still wondering how to hold out until the next Chinese New Year, as the response to videos has been poor so far.

“Only those who really enjoy watching lion dance shows have supported us by purchasing our videos,” he said.

The academy has partnered with the Shopee e-commerce platform to reach more people interested in purchasing its lion dance video.

Anyone interested in purchasing the lion dance videos can call Alex Loh on 012-229 5727 or click HERE.

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