Coatesville Council Recognizes CMS Elite All Stars for Dance Group for Winning Title | Community News

The May 9 Coatesville City Council meeting started on a bright note with the recognition of young members of CMS Elite All Stars. The local dance group won the All Star Senior Hip Hop World Championship title in April at All Star Worlds in Orlando, Florida.

The council presented each team member with a certificate honoring them for their efforts and the positive impact they bring to the city.

“Thank you for going above and beyond,” board chair Linda Lavender-Norris said.

In other business, residents are advised that the new garbage collection schedule will begin on June 6. Under the city’s new contract with Eagle Disposal, garbage collection in the city is increased from three days a week to five. Circulars are distributed to inform residents of their new collection day.

City residents may pay more for water in the future. Pennsylvania American Water is asking for a rate increase. Public water rates are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission, which will hold hearings on proposed rate changes. More information is expected soon.

One topic that generated a lot of discussion was disabled parking in the city. When residents with a valid handicapped parking plaque present themselves to the borough for a designated handicapped parking spot on the street near their home, the request is verified by the city, then municipal workers install a sign and paint the disabled logo on a square.

There have been complaints that in some areas there are so many disabled spaces on a block that there are not enough regular parking spaces available. Some blocks even have more disabled spaces than regular parking.

To compound the problem, parking demands are increasing as the city grows and revitalizes.

The request for a disabled parking space must be renewed every two years, but other than that, there is no way to check whether the need for this space is still valid.

The council has asked its solicitor to investigate the amount of disabled parking required by law and how it may be apportioned.

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