Cheremoch Way pays tribute to a local Ukrainian dance group

A street in north Edmonton will be named after a Ukrainian dance company in honor of its more than 50 years of contribution to the local arts and culture scene.

In Beverly, 40th Street from 114th to 118th Avenue will now be known as Cheremosh Way, after the Cheremoch Ukrainian Dance Company.

Tammy Greidanus, a former student of Cheremosh and organizer of Saturday’s event celebrating the achievement, explained that the dance company takes its name from the river that runs through the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine.

“In the Canadian context, it actually means that our band has brought international recognition to Edmonton as an Edmonton-based band and that means boundless energy, and it also means recognition of excellence in the art of Ukrainian dance,” she told CTV News Edmonton.

“It’s very cool for the band to have this recognition,” added Greidanus.

The dance group has 150 current members and more than 500 alumni since its founding in 1969 by Chester and Luba Kuc, Beverly residents and community advocates.

When asked how Cheremosh would celebrate the street name change, Greidanus replied that the group would do it the best way they know how: dance.

“We’re going to join in a circle dance, called kolomyika, and we’re just going to hang out together,” she said.

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