Cebu-based dance group wins award at Korean festival

Courtesy of Ricky Ballesteros

Tribu Lumad Basakanon, based in Cebu, is this year’s champion in the international category of the Daegu Mighty Festival in Daegu, South Korea.

This was confirmed by Ricky Ballesteros, the co-chairman of the Korean Cultural Exchange Association of the Philippine Festival.

The 23-piece ensemble, which represented the Philippines, danced to the traditional rhythm of Sinulog, the country’s largest festival held in Cebu in honor of Señor Santo Nino.

Mongolia came second and Indonesia won a special prize.

Daegu Mighty Festival, formerly known as Daegu Colorful Festival, features performances and artworks from Korea and around the world. It also features a variety of street performances, with the highlight of the festival being the parade.

Tribu Lumad Basakanon endured a knockout round over the past two days before competing for the final street performance.

Ballesteros said their dance number showcased Cebuano’s devotion to Senor Santo Niño through traditional Sinulog.

The group has also won awards such as Grand Champion at the 2020 Cebu Sinulog Festival Ritual Showdown, and Best in Costume and Best in Musicality in the Free Performance category.

Tribu Lumad Basakanon has also represented the country in some international competitions such as the World Dance Carnival in Purwakarta, Indonesia in 2016. They also won the international award from Wonju Dynamic Dance Festival in South Korea in 2017.

They are directed by their Captain Barangay, Norman Navarro who is also their choreographer.

– report by Annie Perez


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