Dance crew

Dance crew

Set of dance team for performance

The South Side Dance Crew is made up of young dancers aged 16-19 who have performed in various dance competitions and events in Port Moresby. Now they have an event that they think is important in promoting the group.

The oldest member is Nelson David, 19, who leads the group. After knowing that they will face some of the best dance groups in town, Nelson and his team will need to get it right with their dance moves.

“Every day is different for us, sometimes we realize that the choreography is very similar to other dance groups and has changed everything. We make sure we’re all in sync when we’re on stage, ”he said.

The dance competition is an event sponsored by Mountain Dew and will be hosted by the Wan Squad Dance group, which has represented PNG on the international stage.

The dance competition will be judged in various categories, with each category receiving cash prizes. Cash prizes range from K1000 to K5000

The dance competition will take place on the 20the November and is open to solo fights, BBoy and freestyle acts, and dance teams of three to 12 dancers.

Interested dance groups who wish to register and participate in the event can email Wan Squad at [email protected]

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Dance crew

Famous Dance Team Breakdancing on Taiwan National Day | Taiwan News

Six-year-old TBC dancer doing break dancing.

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The famous breakdance troupe The Best Crew (to be confirmed) will perform on Taiwan National Day (October 10).

Founded in 1996 and originally named “Taipei Breaking Crew”, TBC is the country’s first dance group to perform and teach street dance. Comprised of members from the north, center and south of the country, TBC has grown rapidly and has won a number of competitions at home and abroad.

TBC and students from Juang Jing Vocational High School rehearsed the upcoming show on Wednesday, September 15 in the auditorium of the Taiwan Police College. Dancers between the ages of six and 60 participate and include senior coaches and professional breakdancers in their ranks.

Famous breakdancing dance team on Taiwan National Day
(CNA photo)

Street dancing is no longer just part of a subculture; It is a fashionable sport that will be showcased at the national day ceremony and internationally, according to the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC).

Breakdancing in Taiwan is remarkable, according to TBC director Huang Po-Ching (黃柏青). The GACC filmed a documentary titled “The Soul of the Craftsman” to record the achievements of Huang and his team, according to CNA.

“The letter B in ‘B. Boy’ not only signifies breakthrough but also breakthroughs,” Huang said in the video.

In 2024, TBC will travel to the Summer Olympics in Paris, as the International Olympic Committee first granted breakdance event status.

Dance team famous for breakdancing on Taiwan National Day
(CNA photo)

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Dance crew

WANT Dance Crew special guests flex idols’ dancing prowess on ‘Street Woman Fighter’: K-WAVE: koreaportal

WANT Dance Crew

Other WANT members supported Lee Chaeyeon, regardless of comments from other program participants. To further support this, WANT’s next dance performance could be their own way to strike back against enemies!

Recently, a new clip from next week’s episode of “Street Woman Fighter” reveals that the dance team WANT will be performing on the song “Turn Up The Music” and they are joined by three special guests, namely Yoojung of Weki Meki, Yves of LOONA and Lee Young Ji!

Yoojung, Yves and Lee Young Ji, as “female” artists themselves, are the perfect special guests to show their support for Lee Chaeyeon and the WANT dance team. After seeing this, netizens and viewers are absolutely delighted to see the trio perform alongside WANT!

Netizens are even more excited because Weki Meki’s Yoojung, LOONA’s Yves and Lee Young Ji are known dancers in the K-pop industry, which shows just how much the industry wants to support Chaeyeon!

It’s time for the idols to shine amid the scathing comments of fellow program participants!

In particular, the next episode of “Street Woman Fighter” will be broadcast on September 21!

Stay tuned for more updates and news on “Street Woman Fighter”!

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Dance team reconsiders decision to change culturally meaningful name | New

On July 9, the former presidents of Kuumba Beatz, a hip-hop dance team at LMU, announced in a Instagram post that the crew name would be changed to “The Kollective” indicating that this decision came after “reflecting as a crew and having conversations with members of our LMU community”.

The current presidents, double major in junior dance and psychology Shelby Lawrence and major in junior dance Tatum Fouts, have now reversed the name change.

The word “kuumba” comes from the Swahili language, a indigenous language of Africa spoken in particular in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Eastern Zaire. As mentioned in the post, the term translates to “creativity»And also represents the sixth day of Kwanzaa.

“When our crew was founded, it was representative of [African] Cultural significance. Over time the demographics of the crew have changed, ”they said. As a result of this change, “the personal identities of the crew no longer corresponded to African traditions or practices”.

The post concluded by saying that the “K” in “Kolective” would honor the story of the crew. “We look forward to discovering this new chapter and hosting fall auditions in person and continuing the legacy of the team. [this year],” they said.

As of September 14, the message announcing the crew’s name change had received 24 comments expressing confusion and opposition to the decision because of its cultural and historical implications.

Instagram user rviblu’s most liked comment said, “Instead of erasing the cultural significance of the dances that your members (who [I] I guess they don’t line up with the cultures they mimic) don’t line up with, how about using the name Kuumba to learn about the moves you mimic with your dancing.

Pointing to the African roots of the dance style that flourished in the United States and around the world, the user said, “Don’t dance in styles that don’t resonate with all of you, especially if you can’t even keep the name to honor those cultures. Make a different band.

Amber Lapree Waterford, a 2010 alumnus and 2009-2010 former president of Kuumba Beatz, spoke to Loyolan about her reaction to the announcement.

“I was disappointed,” said Waterford. “[Kuumba Beatz] was created by individuals who wanted to see a dance group more oriented towards the African side of dance… When it comes to the fundamentals of dance, everyone generally has a very Eurocentric vision… [so] making sure there was an accurate representation within the dance community to represent, you know, people of color, but, more specifically, African Americans or blacks… that’s a big part of why [Kuumba] was created, ”she said.

Agreeing with many comments on the post, Waterford felt that creating another dance team was a better alternative than changing the name of an existing dance team. She encourages students to think about what it means to identify with an organization. “And if you still don’t identify with the organization you belong to, that’s okay… there is another one to be a part of,” she said.

However, Waterford was confused by the premise of the name change altogether. “To be quite frank, Kuumba has always been inclusive in the sense that you don’t have to identify yourself as Black or African American. It’s for everyone, ”she said.

The crew co-chairs canceled the name change to another Instagram post August 16. Thanking the community for the comments received on their previous post, they said: “We did not knowingly intend any form of cultural erasure and we sincerely apologize to those we have offended.”

kuumba 2

The post also said they were hosting a town hall “to advance conversations about naming, implicit biases, cultural appropriation and erasure as it relates to LMU’s Hip Hop teams.” The Director of the Office of Black Student Services Jeffrey Dolliole and associate professor and president of the dance department Rosalynde LeBlanc Loo will help organize the discussion.

Contacted by the Loyolans, the current presidents of Kuumba Beatz initially agreed to speak to the Loyolans, but then declined to comment publicly until town hall at an unannounced later date.

While Waterford was relieved to see the name Kuumba Beatz restored, “there is still a lot of work to be done,” she said. “Keep the name? Great. Keep our history? Great. But that’s not enough because, as many comments have said… the announcement of the name change showed this right and privilege.

Waterford is optimistic that the team is working with Dolliole. “[He] was at LMU when I was at LMU and he’s a wonderful human being… I know the job he does is great, ”she said.

Coming out of the summer’s events, Waterford hopes that conversations about cultural appropriation and erasure continue, not only within the dance community, but for all members of the LMU community. “Learning from it now, having conversations now, making the adjustments now and getting back to the roots of Kuumba Beatz is very important,” she said.

“Make your, I would say, student responsibility, especially at [the] University [where] one of their mission statements is the education of the whole person. This is the perfect opportunity to dive into it … So if it just doesn’t fit, that’s okay. It’s good. There is no bad blood. Just create something of your own and keep that in mind for the future, so that you don’t encounter that… even after college life, because it’s the real world. This is all just a taste, ”said Waterford.

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E4 to Follow Bristol’s Dark Angels Dance Team for New Reality Series | TV

E4 will follow a top dance team for a brand new reality show.

Provisionally titled Breaking Bristol, E4 will enter the world of Bristol-based dance troupe and reigning hip-hop world champions the Dark Angels.


Cameras will follow the group as they fight to achieve what no other has ever done – defend their British title and win back-to-back gold at the National Dance Championships.

Share E4: “We dive head first into the intimate personal stories of the strong 30-dance troupe, juggling full-time jobs or education with their passion for dance.

“Bound by strong friendships and the familiarity of growing up in the tight-knit community of Knowle West, we will follow their ambitious journey throughout the season and beyond to Bournemouth and the UK Championships, as they dance for a lifetime to defend their title and solidify their impact in their small town south of Bristol, where everyone knows each other.

“In a competitive and hard-working world, camaraderie and friendship are essential and this ambitious team is as close as it gets. There is hard work and there is also laughter, and the close bond with their head coach and mentor Charlie and his equally committed wife Steph help these dancers come to life by performing mind-blowing routines amid tough workout routines designed to keep them on top.

“Together, the Angels are able to balance relationships, family, school and work, with their dreams of world domination in dance and of becoming professional one day.”

Harjeet Chhokar, Channel 4 The Factual Editor-in-Chief said: “We join the Dark Angels as they live a year like no other, struggling to retain their title and win back-to-back gold medals, a feat that no other team do. achieved, while managing the day-to-day. challenges of sometimes hectic lives.


“This series is real and relatable, it has light, brilliance and flair and an irresistible dance flair. We are truly delighted that E4 viewers are hanging on to this brand new factual offering – Breaking Bristol (w / t). “

The six-part series is produced by Proper Content and will air on E4 in 2022.

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Jennifer Onyekwelu and GGB Dance Crew’s Ifeoma Efiokwu Talk About Going Viral on Social Media

In this episode of “Rubbin ‘Minds“, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu talk with a professional dancer and member of GGB Dance Crew, Ifeoma Efiokwu and content creator Jennifer onyekwelu as they shed more light on their creative journeys, go viral on TikTok as well as other social media platforms.

On how she was able to make a living from social media during the lockdown, Jennifer says:

Personally, for me, I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera. I see it as a stress reliever and I really enjoy listening to music. TikTok has always been a stress reliever, even when I was in school. During confinement, I was bored at home. Other than cooking for the family, cleaning, praying, taking care of the stomach, I had nothing else to do.

So I felt like it was time to do something extremely creative, something people would love because everyone was bored. Everyone was sitting at home doing nothing, so I felt like it was a way to keep people entertained. And then I picked up my phone and was able to record a lot with my mom’s help.

About the slow motion challenge, she says, “I wasn’t really comfortable with the whole slow motion challenge because I was more into transitions, comedy skits and everything. But I just entered because it was something that was trendy at the time and it was going to help boost my page. It took a video and it got me out.

Ifeoma had this to say about what she’s done differently to make dancing and content creation go viral.

When it started for me, dancing was like a hobby. It was just something I loved to do and over time I was getting serious business and had to take it seriously. Consistency has brought me to where I am today.

I have been dancing for years and have continued. It started out as a video vixen, going to competitions back then, then dancing with my team.

The GGB dance team got together and decided ‘let’s take this thing seriously and make it a thing in Nigeria because people don’t take dancers seriously.

“They just feel like you can dance, okay, no problem. But we took it seriously, we made videos. Even when social media became a thing in Nigeria, we started making a lot of videos and creating content. “

Watch the full conversation below:

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Update: Lee Chae Yeon to take part in Mnet’s female dance team survival show + performance video revealed

Updated July 12 KST:

Mnet has unveiled the first performance videos of the competing crews on “Street Woman Fighter” (literal title)!

Watch BoA’s dance performance “Eat You Up” and “Better” by Lee Chae Yeon WANT’s team below:

Original article:

Former IZ * ONE member Lee Chae Yeon will be taking part in Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” dance survival program (literal title)!

On July 12, a source from her agency WM Entertainment said, “Lee Chae Yeon will join as a member of the Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’ female dance team survival program.”

“Street Woman Fighter” is Mnet’s first-ever female dance team survival program, where eight female dance teams representing South Korea will appear on the show and compete to be the # 1 team. dancers will present various genres of street dance including hip hop, waacking, lockdown, krumping, and breakdance. Kang daniel was named MC of the show while Boa and NCT‘s Taeyong will be judges on the program.

Lee Chae Yeon will participate as a member of the WANT team, which also includes Hyojin Choi, star choreographer of 1MILLION dance studio.

After starring in Mnet’s “Produce 48”, Lee Chae Yeon captivated fans with her outstanding performances and dancing skills as the lead dancer of IZ * ONE. Her dance performance videos shown on various broadcast shows and online content received a lot of love from fans all over the world. After wrapping up promotions with IZ * ONE, Lee Chae Yeon posted a dance cover video of Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” that currently has over 1.6 million views.

“Street Woman Fighter” will be released on August 24.

Check out the cover of Lee Chae Yeon’s “Peaches” dance below!

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BoA to appear as a judge on a female dance team’s show “Street Woman Fighter”

BoA is set to join Mnet’s new survival show, “Street Woman Fighter”. This is the first show of its kind for media giant Mnet, infamous for its survival shows. The report was shared on the morning of July 6 through media. Boa is a famous singer-songwriter, dancer, host, judge, and more. in South Korea as well as in the rest of the world.

Previously, Kang Daniel was revealed as the MC of Street Woman Fighter. BoA and Kang Daniel were also part of the popular survival program Produce 101 Season 2, where Kang Daniel placed first among 101 budding artists.

Street Woman Fighter is the premier female dance team competition by Mnet and will be led by Mnet PD Choi Jung Nam is famous for creating other dance shows such as Dancing 9, Hit The Stage and Somebody. 8 different teams will compete to win the first place with their different dance styles.

BoA, originally Kwon Bo Ah, is a South Korean artist who made her official debut in August 2000 at the age of 13. Since then, BoA has released twenty studio albums, starred in a drama, hosted the second season of the hit survival show Produce 101, and coached in The Voice of Korea Season 3.

After being a successful intern herself, it will be interesting to see how BoA uses her experience and skills to help competing teams. And will she be a kind or a strict judge? Spectators are eager to find out.

READ ALSO : New MC in town: Kang Daniel!

CTA: Are you excited to see BoA again as a judge? Let us know in the comments.

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Kang Daniel to host Mnet’s upcoming female dance team competition show

Kang daniel Hosts Mnet’s New Survival Show “Street Woman Fighter” (literal title)!

Mnet launches the very first survival program for a female dance team from the “Street Woman Fighter” channel. Eight female dance teams that represent South Korea will appear on the show and compete against each other to become the No.1 team. Dancers will feature various genres of street dance including hip hop, waacking, lockdown, krumping, and breakdance. PD (Production Manager) Choi Jung Nam of “Dancing 9”, “Hit the Stage” and “Somebody” will direct the show with the intention of popularizing female street dance genres.

Kang Daniel, an artist known for his dancing skills and his love for dance, will be the MC of “Street Woman Fighter”. In the past, Kang Daniel was introduced to breakdance through his school’s breakdance club, and then majored in contemporary dance. In high school, he taught his students to breakdance, and he also has experience competing in dance battles as a street dancer. His diverse experience with dance makes him the ideal candidate for the MC of a dance program.

This will be Kang Daniel’s first time as a fixed MC for a TV show. He commented: “I am excited just thinking about seeing the performances of the best dancers up close. It is an even greater honor to take on the special role of an MC. I think I will receive a lot of inspiration as an artist, and I will also share my experiences and support the dancers to create their best performances.

CP (Chief Producer) Kwon Young Chan explained, “The prestige of K-pop is skyrocketing all over the world, and I believe K-pop dance is what is at the center of it all. I wanted to show global K-pop fans the dance teams that create these K-pop choreographies.

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” premieres in mid-August this year.

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What a scream from Missy Elliot means to the subway dance team

Sunday, Missy Elliot, multiple winner of Grammy, AMA, VMA and BET tweeted a video to its 6.9 million followers of a New York dance group playing Missy’s 2005 hit “Lose Control” in a moving subway car.

“Missy Elliot is one of our greatest idols of all time,” said Ty Live, a member of that group.

Ty Live, Sean McFly, Arnstar, Astro, Joel kozik, Moe Black, and Sonic joined FOX 5 NY via Zoom on Wednesday to talk about how they first met while fighting at dance events 15 years ago.

“We were all competitors before we were real friends,” Ty Live said.

The competitors finally decided to form a group and call it WAFFLE

“[One of us] was listening to a Sister Sledge song, ‘We Are Family’, “said Joel Kozik.” I have all my brothers and me. “

“We Are Family” gave these friends “WAF”, to which they added For Life Entertainment to create the acronym WAFFLE

“Everyone loves waffles,” said Joel Kozik.

The newly formed WAFFLE dance team started performing in the subway for guidance, then posted videos of their train car performances on social media and began to get noticed by people other than the tired commuters.

“By like Ellen degeneres, America has talent“said Joël Kozik.

The appearances on these two shows produced even more opportunities in music, television, film, sports and merchandising, which WAFFLE seized and hopes to develop.

“We have producers,” Astro said. “We have actors. We have musicians. And we will spread our culture.”

“And they’re light feet,” Arnstar said. “Light feet is a dance style that comes from Harlem as the little brother of the Harlem Shake.”

While WAFFLE supports the largest lightweight footer community – now in over 30 countries – it does not host trials or accept nominations for its 12-man squad.

“We’re a whole bunch of brothers,” Astro said. “You just can’t get discouraged with WAFFLE. It’s something that happens naturally.”

Kind of like Missy Elliot posting their video and tagging all 12 of them in a tweet seen by millions of people. WAFFLE would love to turn this into an appearance in a Missy Elliot video, but doesn’t anticipate any level of fame preventing them from performing on the subway.

“It’s because it’s home, it’s what made us who we are today,” Ty Live said. “This is where we found our style, our guts, our grind, our hearts and our heads, and most importantly, this is where we found ourselves.”

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