Canada’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer returns to The Renegades Dance Crew

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The sixth Golden Buzzer has been officially distributed for the current season of Canada has talent on CityTV. The judges and host decided to break the rules and award an honorary Golden Buzzer band to Toronto-based dance crew, The Renegades. Before the dance teams audition, each judge and host had already given their Golden Buzzer.

The Renegades dance team was born in 2017 with the goal of representing Toronto on the international stage. The group shared that their goal was to bring together a group of people who care about each other. They wanted to create an environment where each member can be true to themselves while playing the way they like.

Renegades Dance Team Wins Honorary Band Golden Buzzer

Going on stage, the group once again reiterated their dream of representing their country on the international stage. Before showing their talent, The Renegades shared that their dance team is unique because they accept anyone in their team, regardless of dance level. Instead of strictly looking at dance level, they are looking for people who are passionate about the sport and have a positive mindset.

Their choreography and controlled movements blew viewers away from the start of their act. Their steps were perfectly synchronized with the music and featured several jaw-dropping tricks. Each dancer matched the intensity and timing of the other perfectly.

As soon as the performance was over, the judges gave the Renegades a standing ovation. Before any rating, Howie Mandel pushed aside the other judges and host Lindsay Ell to speak.

Before announcing anything, the judges noted that everything about their performance was stunningly perfect. The moment they shared on stage made them proud to judge the show.

“I feel like Torontonians like to break the rules, you know what I mean? [I feel like] We are the judges and I feel like if we think they are good enough we can break that rule,” Singh said.

Together, the five celebrities decided to break the rules and award a Golden Buzzer honor band. The Renegades will go directly to the semi-finals alongside other Golden Buzzer recipients: GRVMNT, Jeanick Fournier, Shea, Stacey Kay and Theo & Mia.

Canada has talentThe band’s first-ever Golden Buzzer recipient

The Renegades are a competitive dance family from Toronto, Ontario. Choreographer and dance artist Xavier Tu leads this group. He choreographs their dances, builds sets and even performs solo. Outside of The Renegades, he choreographs music videos for Canadian artists.

Before auditioning for Canada has talent, Les Renegades have participated in several international dance competitions. Notable ones being Final Stretch Dance Competition (2019), World of Dance New Jersey (2019), and more. They are two-time accredited National Champions of Hip Hop International Canada (Adult Division) and have won numerous titles locally and in the United States.

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