Bonteheuwel’s dance team aims to change perceptions

021 Rebels doing their thing at a recent performance.

There is more to life than the negative aspects of your community.

This is what the 021 Rebels (Rebels Dance Academy), dance troupe from Bonteheuwel wants to teach its students.

Wesley Bosch of the crew says they want to unearth new talent, have fun, but their mission is bigger.

“There are between 25 and 30 children aged 10 to 19 who are part of the group. It’s a program that I’m pulling out of my pocket. I danced around Cape Town for a long time, then I realized that the children in my community of Bonteheuwel never had the opportunities that I had. When I started dancing, I had to pay for lessons and competitions, but people around me couldn’t afford it. I do this so that the children can get a proper education that they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise,” says Bosch.

These girls from 021 Rebels know what they’re doing.

Solid foundation

He says he wants students to have a solid foundation.

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“If they end up going overseas or dancing professionally, I want them to know what they’re doing. They’re taught the basics of Hip Hop dancing, which is positive dancing. Dancing can be the catalyst to turn all the negatives into positives in this community because it brings people together. Kids who live in different areas controlled by different gangs find common ground when they dance together. I believe dance has an impact positive because we train on a Friday and Saturday when other kids are busy doing other things,” says Bosch.

Variety of dances

They mainly teach Hip Hop dancing, but focus on street variety.

“We want to get kids off the street with something they love. This is the TikTok generation and they want to do trendy things right now. I use it as a tool to encourage young people to join. When they join, they are more confident and have better self-esteem. Some come here as shy, but now shine brightly and that makes me happy. We do not accommodate anyone over the age of 19 as there are other crews in the community for that age group. Sometimes students join other larger groups in the area. Some continue their studies in dance,” explains Bosch.

Wesley Bosch (middle, front) with some of the 021 Rebels who recently performed very well in a competition.

He says that even though it is sometimes difficult, they will persevere.

  • If you want to join the 021 Rebels, contact Bosch on 081 565 4950.

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