Award-winning dance team Soweto’s Finest seeks funding to operate their studio


The lockdown has been tough for the Soweto’s Finest trio of dancers, but they’re not giving up.

They have worked on some of South Africa’s biggest dance projects, most notably as lead choreographers on the Netflix series Jiva!

Their dance portfolio is extensive and they have directed and choreographed artists such as Cassper Nyovest, Oskido, DJ Cleo, Prince Kaybee and many more.

Soweto’s Finest members Njabulo Mahlaba, Nkululeko Nyembe and Tom London are among the country’s best-known dance choreographers.

Four years ago, they opened their dance studio at Newtown Mall in Johannesburg and use this space to teach dance enthusiasts, from amateurs to professional level.

“The studio is very dear to our hearts. We were one of the first black dance groups to open our own studio and I remember Somizi calling to congratulate us on this milestone, ”said Tom.

“The studio means we can change the lives of young African children. Learners usually come on weekends and it helps them get rid of drugs, crime and many other self-destructive behaviors, ”he adds.

“Taking care of your health, exercising and staying fit will never go out of style and that’s what we wanted to teach as well. ”

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On November 10, 2021, singer Dudu “Lady Du” Ngwenya took to social media to share how her heart broke after visiting Soweto Finest studio and learning that they struggled to keep it open. .

“Yesterday was the first time I went to Ye Soweto’s Finest studio, as a big sister I asked the boys how they were doing and they said devastated,” she says.

“They had a gig to raise money to run the business, some idiots stole it, and we all know that with covid-19 regulations it’s hard to run entertainment companies.”

After finding out, she made a donation from her own pocket to help cover some costs.

“I decided to help them out a bit, but I feel like they’ve worked with so many people for years and I know we can help them somewhere,” she says.

“They’re working hard. Let’s help them at least recover the funds they lost. I sent them something myself, so if you can too, let’s help us. We’re building each other up and j love these boys to pieces.

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Studio head choreographer Tom says that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, life has not been easy.

“During the first days of the pandemic, we were closed for more than two months and had no way to pay the rent,” he says.

“We had to use all our savings so that we didn’t get kicked out even though the studio couldn’t be used. We were almost locked out. Owners fail to understand that the pandemic has strained the business. ”

Last week the dance group held a fundraiser and after counting the winnings, the money was stolen from their office.

“We opened a file. We don’t know who might have stolen the money, but people do know that we struggled to keep the studio open and that they just take our hard earned money was heartbreaking. But that will also pass, ”adds Tom.

Soweto’s Finest is currently receiving donations and funding.


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