Another golden buzzer! Hip hop dance team take off for Got Talent’s live performances in Malta



Howard Keith is a notoriously difficult judge to impress, but on last night’s episode of Malta’s Got Talent, the producer-manager gave his golden buzzer… and it’s easy enough to see why.

Cheryl Lofreda and her talented dance team The Movement are the second group from Malta’s Got Talent to win the coveted Golden Buzzer, with a performance that is both emotional and perfectly timed.

Made up of dancers aged 11 to 27 and dressed in signature masks, The Movement put on an almost flawless performance that saw judge Sarah Zerafa shout “Oh wow” in the first two seconds and the rest of the panel completely mesmerized for the whole thing.

After a well-deserved standing ovation, the judges showered the large dance group with a number of compliments, and as a stunned audience watched from their homes, many quickly agreed.

“Thanks for showing us what this should look like,” Judge Maxine told the group. “What it should look like, what it should look like. That’s it.”

“I really liked you guys,” Howard Keith said, bracing for the glorious Golden Buzzer moment. “All about you. The approach, the thoroughness, the timing. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to appreciate when you see talent in front of you. And most importantly, even the use of something. something that many see as a problem but is not; the mask. “

Their impressive debut means The Movement will now automatically advance to the finals of Malta’s Got Talent Live… joining five-year-old genius Kristian Alakkad.

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